Speedy Corvette Driver Arrested After Being Clocked at 155 MPH on I-10 in Phoenix


Speedy Corvette Driver Arrested After Being Clocked at 155 MPH on I-10 in Phoenix

If the driver of this gray C7 Corvette was hoping that 2021 would be better than the pandemic-plagued 2020, he’s definitely getting off on the wrong foot.

In fact, his right foot has already landed him in a pile of trouble after Arizona troopers clocked him at 155 mph on Interstate 10 and Baseline Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Department of Public Safety posted a photo on Twitter on Jan. 2, showing the trooper’s laser gun with the speed of the Stingray in question, stopped on the side of the road in the background.

Jake Anthony Aiello, 25, was arrested Saturday but has already been released, with no word on the charges he’s facing.

DPS did tweet this message: “This is reckless, incredibly dangerous, and a great way to get yourself arrested – not such a great way to start your new year. Please drive responsibly & #SlowDown #AZTroopers.”

During a search on the Internet about the incident, we came across this assessment of the situation from one person: “That’s crazy … why would they arrest him for this? He’s in a car that can clearly handle speed and was built for it. Just cite him and release him.”

While he’s obviously right about the Corvette being built for speed, we do question the sanity of someone going that fast on any non-race track, with traffic all around. All it would take is another driver reaching for his cell phone or looking down to send a text to cause a split-second disaster. What’s your opinion?


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  1. I won’t say how fast I have gone but I always do a pre run of the highway to be sure there are no troopers around. Early in the morning and little or no traffic. So far so good. Got to have fun once and a while

  2. I’m done with justice in the USA This 25 year old would be better off burning down stores
    Where he could get off easy, He should fine a drag strip to have fun bad choice
    Where is this country going you make the choice .

  3. I’ve been on the I10. Had he gone 100 miles east of town, he’d have been a lot safer – for everyone. There’s much less traffic out there. If you want to get stupid (and yes, I’m guilty) do it away from others.

  4. Dumb and dangerous to be driving that fast in an urban area, cite him and suspend his license, don’t need to arrest him….like Bill, I won’t reveal my max speed, but it’s always done in the middle of nowhere with no other traffic around….only putting myself in jeopardy….and I can live with that….btw, I will admit to hitting 80 on my rural paved driveway – private property!!!

  5. For those that think that he should just pay a fine, look at the number of facilities in this country caused by excessive speed. His reckless stupid choice should be considered ‘reckless endangerment’ and he should not only pay a hefty fine, but serve 60 days in jail and lose the car.

  6. 1-10 and Baseline road is not a road in the outskirts or boonies. This near an interchange in the heart of the Phoenix/Tempe metro area. It is definitely not an area for 155 mph nonsense. The fact he did that makes him a stupid driver, by definition. He needs a real quiet place to rethink his choices for about 30 days.

  7. I don’t have a problem with it if the roadway was clear. I do have a problem going anywhere near that fast if he is sharing the road with other vehicles.

  8. That is in a heavy traffic area of Phoenix. It would just take one car to change lanes thinking the Corvette was going around the speed limit when he sees him in his mirror and then he would be hit. I think they need to throw the book at him.

  9. Back in the day, I did a lot of street (drag) racing way out away from everyone then 40+ years of trucking. Broke a lot of traffic laws, got a few tickets, but never had an accident or hurt anyone. Now I run my drag car on the track and putt around in my Z06 Corvette. THIS IDIOT NEEDS TO SEE SOME JAIL TIME.

  10. Unfortunately this is becoming very common in Phoenix metro. Recently(Nov 2020) on Scottsdale road at Indian Bend a 20 something lost control and died doing 130 mph at 6:30pm on a Friday evening in peak traffic. In late December a Viper flipped and killed the driver on Pima at Pinnacle Peak. Today’s cars have more power than the average driver can handle so if people like this idiot want to race go to the racetrack. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us who like fast cars and who have the maturity to control speed on the highways and go to the track to race. Suspend his license and have him do community service and ride along with police to a fatal car accident.

  11. Totally irresponsible! Should be forced to do serious community service, related to accident victims, lose his car and his license for a year. Public streets aren’t built for speed. There are plenty of tracks to fill your need for speed.

    He’s just 25, but a message needs to be sent so there won’t be a next time.

  12. Agree with license suspension for at least 90 days, take the car and give him some time in the pokey to think about what he’s done. Not sure what comment Richard was making, but it’s if I understand what he’s saying, it’s troubling as well. Driving is a privilege and to be able to drive a C7 raises the level of responsibility immensely. Anyone with a license to drive has to know how serious this offense is and the driver has to be accountable.

  13. Geez, who cares the car is made to do just that. Unless he was endangering others directly, it’s his car and his life let him play. Seems the cops should have better things to do.

  14. I own 2 including a C6Z. There are more and more ignorant drivers on the roads in AZ. Especially numerous from other states and a diverse driver population that spans 4-5 decades. (Not that I agree but fact) All with a vast array of agendas for driving. Just another example of the ignorant population in this country. The car is designed for speed, but track speed where everyone has the same agenda and respect for the car and drivers alike. Another example of the need for this population to grow up and be responsible for our fellow man/woman and environment.

  15. On the other hand he can come to NYC and desecrate Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in
    Front of the police and not even have his spray paint taken away. But if he was doing 30 mph in front of the church then he is in jail. With a strong lecture fro de dumbo.

  16. Totally disagree with Kevin’s comment above. That is an absolutely irresponsible comment. This is a congested area as pointed out by other posts and a minor lane change, mechanical problem, pot hole etc could have had a different ending.

  17. I have had my C7 up to 176 MPH on the interstate, but there was not another car in sight. I took my foot off the accelerator and coasted down to the speed limit and still had not caught up to another car.

  18. Agree… I’ve worked in that area… 1-10 and Baseline road is not a road in the outskirts or boonies. This near an interchange in the heart of the Phoenix/Tempe metro area. It is definitely not an area for 155 mph nonsense. The fact he did that makes him a stupid driver, by definition. I’m glad he got stopped to put an end to driving that gives other Corvette owners a bad name in the public eye. Also agree… there are plenty of venues to have such fun. I’ve done HOD at Auto Club Speedway… proper safety measures in place…. 165 until your hearts content. Yes, a fee, but very, very satisfying. If you can’t find contentment there, nor exhibit self control, then a wide, wide open space puts only you at risk. At 155 or better you close in on traffic in front very, very fast.

  19. I use state hwy 77 in Kansas that has a posted speed limit of 65 mph. When two cars approach each other at five mph over the speed limit their combined closing speed is 140 mph. The only thing that separates the two cars on this two lane road is a painted line. If a car is moving at 70 mph with a car following at 155 mph that is only an 85 mph difference. The corvette is designed for speed, and our highways are every bit as good as the Autoban.
    Just food for thought.

  20. They should look for previous offenses and if there are, crush the car and do it on a webcast.

    First offense ticket should be good for over $2k.

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