[VIDEO] Corvette Conti Discusses Our Blog Post on Why to Consider Paying More than MSRP


[VIDEO] Corvette Conti Discusses Our Blog Post on Why to Consider Paying More than MSRP

A little over a week ago, I sat down over the weekend and got some things off my chest about the crazy C8 Corvette marketplace we are dealing with right now. Paying more than MSRP for a pre-owned Corvette is a controversial topic for sure as it generated over 14K reads and 23 comments, most of which were negative as was expected. Obviously, the topic is contrary to our previous mission statement that smart Corvette buyers shouldn’t pay more than MSRP for a Corvette, and especially one that is pre-owned.

But these aren’t normal times and people are waiting a year or more to get the C8 Corvette of their dreams. To reinforce one of the points we made in the Five Reasons article, we just lost another 600 or so new C8s that probably won’t be produced due to last week’s cold snap that closed the factory multiple days, and that was on top of the 1,800 Corvettes lost due to supply issues from the previous two-week plant closure.

I do believe that some are misconstruing our article, as we are talking directly to those people that want to be driving a C8 Corvette today. Right Now. Not for those willing to wait for 9 months to over a year for a new Corvette ordered at MSRP. (Those people will also be paying more too, they just don’t realize it yet!)

Our friend Rick Conti of Coughlin Chevrolet in Ohio runs a successful YouTube channel that we watch frequently as he offers us the perspective from the dealer side of the Corvette marketplace. In his most recent Coffee with Conti video on Sunday, Rick goes through each of our “Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned C8 Corvette Now, Even If It Means Paying More Than MSRP” and breaks down each of those five points we made in the article.

Also in this episode, Rick talks about the final order dates that we saw released on Friday, so there is plenty of great info here. However, if you do want to skip ahead, the discussion on our article starts at 6:55 and runs through the end.

We appreciate Rick’s sharing of our blog post as well as adding his own perspective and what he is seeing coming down the pike as well. If you enjoyed his video, please consider subscribing for more great videos from the long-time Corvette rep.

Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti / YouTube

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  1. Unless I was near death, I would never pay more then MSRP for ANY vehicle, new or used. That being said, Rick makes some valid points in the video… But I stand by my position. 😊

  2. Two things GM is totally to blame for the shortage they are unable to build cars that’s it. How did they manage to build 49,000 Vette’s in 1979 with a less automated plant. And why wouldn’t a salesman tell you to pay more than sticker? More money in the bosses pocket and hopefully more year end bonus for the salesman.

  3. Hmm…a salesman telling me why it’s good to pay over sticker? I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that over the years. Fact remains, there are those that will and those that won’t. I’m in the second group obviously. There’s no car I want that badly to do that. Heck, it took a dealer to discount my C7 $20K before I bit. ;^ )


  5. A “salesperson” explaining why I should pay more than MSRP!!!!! And with a straight face yet! Bawaaaaa-ahaha-ha-ha-ha! Does he not realize no one NEEDS to buy a Corvette? Most buyers understand supply and demand economics. And they also know when they’re being taken advantage of ………. Aaaaarrrrrg!

  6. Maybe GM under priced the C8 and paying over msrp is valid. Price will be going up so paying $5k over for a 2021 will be close to what a 2022 will cost.

  7. Tom S.
    $5,000 over MSRP is probably not going to get it done. And the original article spoke of paying above MSRP for a used C8. If one can wait for a new C8, the car will be available for less then sticker, probably within a couple of years. If I was flush with disposable cash, I might pay over sticker right now…. I’m not, and I’m actually still pleased with my C5 that continues to make me smile. But the C8 is a beautiful machine, and if I actually could get one for sticker, I might pull the trigger. 😁

  8. For some of you who have responded here, did you even listen to the video!!?? He (Rick) was reading the reasons from “Corvetteblogger”, not a dealer. Rick does not charge over MSRP. Rick is actually one of the most informative Corvette guys out there! Might wanna check out his very informative channel.

  9. As one who started selling American Motors cars in 1963, and retired as a sales manager from Mercedes in 1996, I don’t understand why you talk yourself out of sales online.

  10. I won’t pay over sticker either, they mention above that the people that won’t pay the premium, will end up paying more anyways in a few years with an anticipated price increase, that may be so, but the extra cost will be for a brand new 2024 or 2025, not an overpriced 2020 or 2021.

  11. An GM executive told me they do audits of dealers, these dealers with markups and they don’t sell them after so many days after delivery th4ey lose they’re allocation for anymore! Was looking at cars dot com Corvette C8, one of my local dealers has one at $95k markup, being a GM retiree I have always paid below dealers invoice, I’ll wait till the employee discount hold drops!

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