The Last Day to Order a 2021 Corvette is June 17th


The Last Day to Order a 2021 Corvette is June 17th

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A GM internal document that lays out the 2021 Model Year Vehicle Build-Out Report as well as the 2022 Model Year Vehicle Start-Up landed in our mailbox today. What we see that is of particular interest is that the report includes the dates for the final Consensus and the Dealer Order Submittal Process (DOSP) for the 2021 model year.

In reviewing the documents, we note that GM is not showing the final build-out date for the 2021 Corvettes, and there is no date for the 2022 Model Year Start-Up. Instead, it’s the only model on both lists of passenger cars from Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet with a “To Be Determined (TBD)” in the column.

What it does tell us is that the final consensus for the model year will come on June 1st which should include the final allocation numbers for the 2021 model year. Dealers will then have until June 17th for the final orders to be submitted.

In Wednesday’s article on the three 2021 colors being retired, Shadow Gray’s final order date is May 27th and the last Target Production Weel (TPW) for the color is listed as July 19th. With the final DOSP for 2021 Corvettes coming on June 17th, we believe that the 2021 Corvette model year will likely end sometime in mid-August.

However, with no build-out date listed for the 2021 model year, GM does have some flexibility to extend it out further depending on what those final consensus numbers will be.

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  1. I also have my name at a few dealerships, who are already telling me that its highly unlikely I’ll be able to get in on a 2021 model, but more likely that my deposit will be going to the purchase of the 2022 model which there is a great possibility of a price hike at a higher MSRP.
    And this is just the middle of February! GM and Chevrolet dealers should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to take deposits while waiting for the new 2022 MSRP to come out before placing new orders at the current price.

  2. I’ve talked to ten dealers,,none of them have called me back..They’re so busy gouging everyone, they don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves..

  3. Production has been interrupted so many times, quality suffers. Better to wait till the frenzy dies down and pick one off the lot with a discount.

  4. Craig Martin says ” Dealers should be ashamed of themselves” ? Seriously? How about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? No one is forced to do anything.

  5. Craig Martin: Customers are calling me asking where they are on the list and I tell them up-front it looks like 2022 for sure now… they still put a deposit to be on the list. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be ashamed of??? Telling the truth and letting someone make a decision on their own?

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