Owner Offers To Sell 2020 Corvette For $2 Million As Proof That Everything Has A Price


Owner Offers to Sell 2020 Corvette For $2 Million as Proof That Everything Has a Price

Better hurry and buy this 2020 Corvette before the price goes any higher.

In a Facebook Marketplace listing, the owner of this Torch Red over Black mid-engine Stingray says that he’ll accept $2 million for his car right now but don’t wait because the price will increase by another million bucks following the installation of a 1200-horsepower package from Hennessey Performance.

Owner Offers to Sell 2020 Corvette For $2 Million as Proof That Everything Has a Price

That exorbitant price, the seller points out, is based on the fact that the first C8 sold for $3 million at auction to collector extraordinaire Rick Hendrick. Never mind that car was VIN #1, was a loaded 3LT Z51, and will likely never be driven, and this fellow’s ‘Vette is just a 2LT and has already covered 1,375 miles in its brief life.

While all C8 owners may feel like their car is worth a million bucks (or two million in this case) to them, we get the feeling that this owner is just pulling everybody’s leg, or at least we hope so. Or maybe he just thinks such an outlandish price will get him more attention than those other run-of-the-mill 2020s that are “just” $125,000. If that’s the case, his strategy worked, didn’t it?

Owner Offers to Sell 2020 Corvette For $2 Million as Proof That Everything Has a Price

While the seller claims his Corvette is “one of a kind, rare, and limited production,” we’re sure there are a lot of folks on Auto Trader with similar Stingrays who would disagree with that assessment. In fact, Torch Red is the most popular color.

He further argues that only 10,000 of the 2020 models have been delivered so far, but actually 20,000 will have been built before the end of the year.

Owner Offers to Sell 2020 Corvette For $2 Million as Proof That Everything Has a Price

The seller requests that “serious buyers only” need to call him, noting that his price is firmly set at $2 million “or I’ll keep my car.”

We have a feeling he might want to make sure he keeps an open space in his garage for this Corvette that very likely isn’t going anywhere but down in value.

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  1. I hope the seller keeps a space for it , I dont see a sale for 2 million dollars anytime soon. Unless the economy tanks that badly where 2 MIL. is suddenly equal to 80 to 100K U.S. dollars.

  2. It’s rare, only 20,000 were ever produced!!!!! They don’t make em anymore! Get em while they’re hot! Soon to be a collectors item! Red sells and resells! Never winter driven!
    Bwaaaah ah ah ah ah!

  3. LOL
    Rick Hendrick’s Vin#1 3M$ C8 is a 100% charitable Tax Donation Credit Folks. Along with all other Vets he bought over the years. They will Never be insured for those amounts nor will they be worth that in the future.
    In my opinion, Only the original 59′ Sting Ray surpasses the 15 to 20 M$ mark NOW,
    Then the following 5 Grand Sports at maybe 5 M$ range each where #5 is the most unique in its 7/8 scale construction plus being the lightest of the coupes. Would not be surprised if #5 with the 377 CI aluminum engine could fetch 7M$.

  4. What has happened to society? Doesn’t anybody have any level of intelligence anymore? Two million dollars for a car that cost under a hundred grand and is readily available is insane!

  5. This is a joke…right? I know it’s not April 1st but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in months. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. The way I read it is, this guy doesn’t want to part with his car at all, he loves it and has probably been asked by more that one person to sell it, then when he says no, one of them probably said, c’mon, everything has a price, and there you go, 2 million dollars and make sure to put your pinky finger up to your mouth, when you say it….LOL

  7. This guy is famous now because of this article. If I offered my 67 for a dollar they would probably write about me as well. Also at any price the 20 is one of the ugliest corvettes ever made and without a transmission. Looks like every other European sports car on the road

  8. What really scares me more than anything else are the comments from people who have somehow added credibility to this obviously stupid prank. I just worry these people might live close to me and masquerading as normal people. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  9. An obvious joke. One of the myriad of things now days that don’t need fact checking.

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