The 2021 Corvette’s Black Trident Wheels Are On Constraint


The 2021 Corvette's Black Trident Wheels Are On Constraint

We are currently in the middle of a 2021 order cycle and we’ve recently learned that the Black Trident Wheels are currently on a 100% constraint. That means none of the orders submitted during the cycle will be accepted if the optional wheels are included.

The Black Trident Wheels are a dealer-installed LPO option (5DF) and they were ordered by 2,788 buyers (13.7%) in 2020 which made it the third most popular wheel for the model year.

Normally, dealers are supposed to get the LPO options prior to the customer cars arriving from Bowling Green so they would have everything to put on the car during the PDI process. What’s been happening is that the wheels are showing up after the car arrives at the dealer and that’s causing delays in getting the cars released to their new owners. Dealers can’t release a Corvette to its new owner until all the options have been received and installed on the car.

We spoke with one of our dealer friends who told us they have a number of cars that have been waiting several weeks for the Black Trident wheels to show up. We hope this current constraint will help the supplier catch up on those outstanding wheels.

Swimming with the Fishes

VST Illuminated Sill Plates

Speaking of constraints, we told you late last year that the VST Illuminated Sill Plates were no longer available and had been stripped from existing orders. Thanks to our friends at the who spoke with a GM Representative on the issue, we now know why and no, it’s nothing to do with COVID:

Apparently, the inventory of sill plates was on a ship that sank out in the Pacific Ocean on their way from the manufacturer. We laughed, but the GM rep said “this is not a joke”.

The CAC did find it funny and suggested if you really wanted the RPO VST, head to the beach and you might find one in the sand! We laughed as well at that, but only because it reminds us of the Garfield phones that have washed ashore in France for the last three decades.

Production Update

And since we are talking about Corvette production, the Assembly Plant has already completed 3700 Corvettes for 2021. Up until yesterday, the plant has been operating at normal capacity and completed 929 vehicles last week alone. Thursday’s count was down to just 152 cars produced but there could be any number of reasons for why that was.

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  1. I hope everyone survived the sinking! but come on GM cant you build the dam sill plates right here? and what’s with the wheels tell the truth the factory in China over run with another disease holding up the wheels? Mary CEO already has enough money if you build what you sell here you wont have to make excuses for delivery.

  2. If I had a C8 on order along with the black trident wheels, I would cancel the wheels so I could go ahead and get the car. Then I would order a set of after market wheels that would look just as good maybe better.

  3. “ Dealers can’t release a Corvette to its new owner until all the options have been received and installed on the car.” this is NOT true. I picked my c8 up from the museum with missing parts that were shipped to my dealer months later. Whom ever you fact checked with was wrong.

  4. I ordered a front bumper original GM flag emblem for a C8. Just received it. It was made in Korea. I ordered a set of GM C8 splash guards. They are on back order. Guess where they are made, China! Come on, can’t we let Americans make this stuff.

  5. They told me the fender well lights for my order were also on that ship. Oh well, Pep Boys has them in stock.

  6. My order is at 3300 and the Corvette Conciarge said since it has the 5DF on my order and has been accepted by production for 2/1/21 TBW it looks like the 5DF will be included with build (still a dealer installed option) but no need to cancel since it wont hold up build. If for some reason they get LPO on constraint they would just not get sent to the dealer and would get struck from my order, but I was already at 3300 when that 5DF constraint notice of not to order came out.

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