[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Attempts All-Motor Quarter Mile Record at the Drag Strip


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Attempts All-Motor Quarter Mile Record at the Drag Strip

He didn’t break the all-motor record for C8s, but Carlos Rios came mighty close in his Arctic White 2020 Corvette Coupe last week.

Taking his naturally aspirated C8 out for a test day at Bradenton Motorsport Park in Florida, Rios was overjoyed with his time of 10.552 seconds at 129.26 mph.

After modifying his Stingray with headers, ported intake, cold-air intake, and a larger throttle body, he headed to Bradenton to see “how much faster we can go.” Mission accomplished.

His efforts “seem to be working,” a smiling Rios told YouTuber REVan Evan. “I’m super pleased with 129 mph,” Carlos added. “Hopefully get better weather, maybe go 130 mph for an all-motor car that cannot be tuned yet. So that’s pretty awesome.”

His time proved to be just 0.029 seconds behind last November’s record set by EFX Tuning, a small shop that opened in 2013 in New Jersey. At Atco Drag Way in Atco, New Jersey, EFX was able to post several consecutive runs in the mid-10-second range, well below Chevy’s official time of 11.2 seconds. Their best was 10.523 seconds at 129.67 mph.

In the recent video, Rios also talks with REVan Evan about his technique for launching the C8. “You got to take off traction control, click it off twice,” he explains. “To do a burnout, we start in the water box and pull both paddles back and rev it up all the way to 6,000 RPM, let ’em go and kinda play with the brake, adjusting to the burnout. Clutches do slip a little so you got to be careful with that and then don’t let the car hook, let it slide out and get ready for it. When we get to the line, we engage the launch control, and that’s how we’ve been getting the best run and the best 60-feet. So really the car does it all by itself.”

He says he hasn’t been able to control the launch RPM, noting that when he did try launching at 6,000 RPM, the clutches “didn’t like it” and his car “freaked out,” so it’s “probably not a good idea to launch” at that high of a level. He says he’ll probably stick with about 3,400 RPM that seems to work better.

REVan Evan / YouTube

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