Final 2020 Corvette Model Year Production Update


Final 2020 Corvette Model Year Production Update

With today being the final full day of 2020 Corvette production, I thought a final update on 2020 model year production would be appropriate.

According to our friends on the C8 Corvette Owners Facebook Page, as of Friday morning, the Corvette Assembly Plant has just 236 remaining 2020 Corvettes to be built. The majority of those cars will be completed today (Friday) and then whatever is left will be completed Monday. The plant averages around 180 Corvettes produced during both shifts, so that gives us an estimate of how many will be left for Monday.

We broke the news earlier this week that the final 2020 Corvette will be a Sebring Orange Convertible that wears VIN 19456. The very next car behind it is the first 2021 Corvette. In fact, the 2021 models should have already started assembly as it takes a little over two shifts to fully build one car. Because there are no major changes between 2020 and 2021, there is no reason for any pauses in production between the model years, although we hope they do pause long enough for a photo of the final 2020 rolling off the assembly line.

The final 2020 Corvette was confirmed to wear the VIN sequence of 19456, and yet Chevrolet says that a total of 20,368 Corvettes were built for the 2020 model year. That difference comes from the 912 preproduction Corvettes which began assembly back in August 2019 when the first “saleable” units began production, and as the name implies, GM will “dispose of” these Captured Test Fleet cars once they are through with them via the secondary marketplace.

These pre-production models are marked with a VIN sequence that begins with ’50’ while retail customer VINs begin with ’51’. So if you start seeing some pre-owned 2020s show up at dealers, check the VIN to find out where the car began its life…either as a CTF car for GM, or it was produced specifically for a customer order.

Final 2020 Corvette Model Year Production Update

Turning our attention back to the 2021 models, we told you that the first TPWs went out for the weeks of 12/14 and 12/21. However, 12/21 was penciled in on our schedule as the beginning of the annual two-week holiday shutdown by the plant. Thanks to our friends at the and since confirmed with a member of the Corvette Team, we have learned that the Corvette Assembly Plant will be building Corvettes the first three days of that week and then the holiday break will start on the 24th. That will add an additional 500 or so 2021s to the production total this year.

Finally, another member over at the looked at the order status pages from Kerbeck, MacMulkin, and Van Bortel Chevrolet and determined that of the 373 Corvettes on those lists, just 0.8% of them has either Red Mist or Silver Flare with an order status above 3000. So if you ordered one of the two new colors, prepare for the Corvette Assembly Plant to “ramp” up production of these new colors in early 2021.

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  1. You have a mis print on the final number of Corvettes it is 20368 including pre production but above in Blue it shows 10368. Figured you might want to fix that

  2. Still hopping , since I ordered mine on August. 29 , 2019 . Dealer said he had five slots and I was number three. Bad part was as I was leaving to see if my service was done on my twenty sixteen,, I decided to sell it to get a better price . It only had seventeen thousand miles on it . (LT2) .The new one is a LT3.

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