[PICS] C3 Corvette Widebody Under Construction By Tuning Shop in Poland


[PICS] C3 Corvette Widebody Under Construction By Polish Tuning Shop

Sometimes the best interpreters of American culture aren’t even citizens of our great country. See British rock, Japanese hot rod culture or the huge collection of restored ’50s “Forward Look” Mopars over in Sweden.

This C3 Corvette build from the Mapet Tuning Group based in Poland, is a textbook example of taking an overplayed tune, adding a fresh arrangement, and presto, a brand new creation is born.

[PICS] C3 Corvette Widebody Under Construction By Polish Tuning Shop

In the case of this old Shark, our European friends have combined Bill Mitchell’s masterpiece with a skosh of cambered, Japanese tuner flavoring and although it might not be your cup of tea, this C3 will never be associated with jorts and orthopedic Reeboks.

Once the butt of mullet jokes and worse, the iconic C3 has been redeemed in the last ten years and just seems to get better and better. Debuting way back in 1965 as the Mako Shark II concept, this body style is now 56 years old and looks as fresh and exciting as ever. Over 500k Sharks were built over a 14 year period and they are now cheap and plentiful.

If a few have to be “sacrificed” to keep new blood in the family, so be it.

[PICS] C3 Corvette Widebody Under Construction By Polish Tuning Shop

[PICS] C3 Corvette Widebody Under Construction By Polish Tuning Shop

Although we are not huge fans of the cambered wheel thing, the stance, craftsmanship, and overall look of this ‘Vette are spot on. While tweaking the styling of a C3 may seem as easy as falling off a truck, subtly improving one of the most brilliant industrial designs of the 20th century is ultimately hard to do. The Corvette Summer C3 movie car comes to mind as what not to do.

The car is a work in process and details are a bit fuzzy but for now, dig the renders and see the progress the guys are making on this ‘Vette. We’ll circle back and keep tabs on the process. Thanks to our Polish Corvette brothers for a cool take on an old favorite.

[PICS] C3 Corvette Widebody Under Construction By Polish Tuning Shop

Mapet Tuning Group via Facebook

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  1. So, what’s up with the “broken leg” crazy camber thing? Does the car even drive right? Do the tires only last a matter of minutes? Clearly, I don’t get it.

  2. You wouldn’t make it more than a few blocks on most streets in america before ripping that front spoiler off and the rest of the damage it would do, I couldn’t even pull out of my driveway with it.

  3. I have never understood the crazy camber thing either. It must play hell with the suspension, and tire wear. I would never replace good engineering with some “trendy” gimmick It’s sort of is the same thing, as when low riders, stick 13 inch wheels on their 60’s Chevys, and extend the wheels out beyond the body work..sort of like an oversize skateboard.

  4. I guess if you’re going to ruin a Corvette, it might as well be one from the bottom of the value scale (’74-’82). That thing is a joke, it wouldn’t clear a 1″ speed bump. And by the way, the C3 debuted in 1963.

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