Corvettes on E-bay: 1970 Corvette Widebody Sport Wagon


Corvettes on E-bay: 1970 Corvette Widebody Sport Wagon

When we flip to the 1970 section of the Corvette Black Book we see 10,668 coupes produced alongside 6,648 convertibles. Notably, there were 0 sport wagons produced in St. Louis that year.

As CorvetteBlogger’s self-appointed Vette Wagon Subject Matter Expert (VWSME) it’s my duty to bring you the best Vette wagons on the internet. Today’s subject, for that matter, is this 1970 big block currently up for grabs on eBay. Regardless of where you stand on the whole Vette wagon thing, they always start a conversation wherever they go.

Corvettes on E-bay: 1970 Corvette Widebody Sport Wagon

The car currently on eBay is one of the 4,473 born with the 390hp LS5 454 under the hood in 1970. Today that engine is long gone and has been replaced by a 396CI instead. Engine power is managed by a M21 4-speed.

The ad itself is quite short, but the seller is transparent by stating right up front that there’s “Not much information on this Corvette except back in the day it was big in the autocross scene, we do not have any information on the sport wagon conversion or the widebody kit on it”. When we see these one-off’s that’s usually the question asked, who’s conversion is that? We know Ecklers. Greenwood, and some others had widebody and wagon kits back in the day, so this may or may not be one of those.

Corvettes on E-bay: 1970 Corvette Widebody Sport Wagon

Elsewhere the seller notes some condition-type items like fiberglass imperfections and “typical” rust. The car has a clear South Carolina title and potential buyers are being offered the opportunity to inspect the vehicle up on a lift. Additional photos are also available upon request. The C3 does run and drive as can been seen in the video here.

Looking at the photos we see a well-used C3 Corvette that screams the 1970’s. The styling mimics the Corvette racers of the day with monster fender flares front and rear. The rear tires are wide even by today’s standards. The nose sports exposed headlights while the rear end wears what look to be Camaro or Firebird taillights. Then there’s the big old Chevy bowtie windows on either side of the rear compartment.

Corvettes on E-bay: 1970 Corvette Widebody Sport Wagon

Outside, the black paint with its greenish and blueish stripes is faded and heavily worn in areas. A set of well-age side pipes sits below each door. There’s a long L88-style hood covering the engine plus jumbo louvers on each front fender. Inside, the black and red interior has been converted for track use. There’s a racing steering wheel and a big Hurst shifter replaces the stock unit. A huge tachometer now resides atop the steering column. The seats are from an early 80’s C3 and there’s a roll cage bar running through the passenger’s seating area.

Personally, I think this a pretty cool old Corvette. I love the cartoony styling and paintwork, plus the shooting brake styling is both so good and so bad all at the same time. To me it’s the perfect antithesis of how a Corvette was born. I know many will disagree with me which is what makes our hobby so much fun. Everyone sees something different when it comes to these old cars.

Corvettes on E-bay: 1970 Corvette Widebody Sport Wagon

If you’re interested in putting this Corvette in your garage, you’ve got until 11:43am eastern time this Friday to get your bid in. As this article goes to print, bidding is at $7,100 with the reserve not yet met.


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  1. It might be a little outrages, but its not as bad as the 69 Corvette made into a limo with 4-doors and a stretched frame.

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