Chevy Seeing a Huge Increase in Number of C8 Corvette Convertibles Sold


Chevy Seeing a Huge Increase in Number of C8 Corvette Convertibles Sold

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Back in 1968, a whopping 18,639 convertibles left Chevy showrooms, compared to 9,936 coupes.

While it has a long way to go toward matching that sales domination of the first-year C3 convertible, the new C8 hardtop convertible is definitely proving vastly more popular with customers.

Indeed, Harlan Charles, product marketing manager for Corvette, says between 35 to 40 percent of C8 sales so far have been convertibles – about double the 20 percent take for the C7 generation.

The resurgence of the C8 convertible – which costs about $7,500 more than the coupe version – comes as no surprise to Chevy, though.

“We expected the new retractable hardtop convertible design offering no compromises in performance and functionality would be a larger percentage of sales than previous years, which is exactly what we’re seeing,” Charles told CarBuzz.

He says the new mid-engine Corvette is attracting new, younger customers to Corvette while keeping the loyal base of existing Corvette owners.

“People love the retractable hardtop design and how quickly the top operates,” Charles explains. “Our customers who road trip their Corvettes also appreciate the full capacity of both trunks no matter what position the roof is in.”

So why the sudden rebirth for the convertible?

One reason is that it’s no longer a soft canvas top and features a two-piece hardtop roof powered by six electric motors that can lower the top in only 16 seconds at speeds up to 30 mph while adding less than 80 pounds to the weight of the car. Luggage space in the rear trunk also remains the same as the top folds on top of the engine. Some people like the fact that it retains a similar appearance to the coupe, unlike past versions, though for this writer, that’s actually a negative. I like the way the dark ragtop contrasts with previous generations, especially in silver, gray, and white.

About the only negative to the C8 convertible is that the 495-horsepower LT2 V8 engine is not visible from outside the car, the way it is in the coupe. But the convenience of not having to remove the roof panel of the coupe and store it in the trunk manually is definitely a nice trade-off for the convertible, isn’t it? Too bad they can’t figure out a way to make the roof panel removable automatically.


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  1. If anyone else has an experience like mine they will think twice before spending $98 on a HTC. I took delivery on 12-26-20 on 12-27 the top would not not close and latch. Took it back to the dealer an hour away. Ordered parts. when attempting to fix the car they found a screwdriver had been dropped in the top by the latch assembly from the factory. It did more more damage than first thought. ordered more parts. parts delayed. Installed those parts and a trim piece got scratched. ordered more parts. 22 days later picked up the car and next day the top went down and will not go back up! Sending a tow truck. I live in Indiana and I am not driving it an hour by to the dealer. Gm offered me a $100 certificate for my trouble!! Yes $100. $98,500 car! What a nightmare! Waiting on a call from someone higher up at GM!

  2. Not a fan of the C8 HTC, mostly because of the packaging. Also due to the fact of the engine being hidden and not on display.

  3. I expect the HTC to be at least 50/50 with the coupe by the time 2021 is over. It will eventually be the best selling Corvette convertible ever because it is a coupe with a self removing lid! The drawback is the engine view, but I don’t think that’s a big enough negative.

  4. “About the only negative to the C8 convertible is that the 495-horsepower LT2 V8 engine is not visible from outside the car, the way it is in the coupe.”
    It might be possible to make a clear cover for the engine and have it visible with for the times when the HTC is up. Open up the rear vent to show my engine, too.
    my $0.02 worth

  5. HTC looks great. Had a C6 convertible. But my C8 with a 2/1/21 TPW is a coupe: how can you not want to see the beast in the back?

  6. I LOVE my rapid blue z51 LT3 convertible. Can’t believe this writer or anyone liked the rag tops. Thought it was ugly when it was up, noisier in the inside, etc. I remember when the Cadillac XLR came out with the hardtop convertible and kept thinking if they can do it for that why won’t they make the vette like that. Makes it a higher class vehicle & looks a ton better.

  7. Rag tops stuck out like a sore thumb and were unattractive which is why the take rate was so low. If you want contrast just get the HTC top in black, that’s what I did. If it was an old school rag top I wouldn’t have ordered the car.

  8. I’ve loved my convertibles AND my coupes. However, my most recent purchase was a coupe, simply because I just got tired of routinely treating the convertible tops and waiting for them to need to be replaced at about the cost of a set of run-flats. With the C8s, for the total enjoyment of the car, I’d definitely buy the HTC unless I lived in a climate where spring/summer/fall lasted only a couple of months. I’m looking forward to owning a C8 HTC one day.

  9. What scares me most with any power top convertible is the many motors it take to move the top. Now with 6 motors to raise and lower you know there is going to be trouble eventually. Yea the old tops squeak and rattle but you will never get stuck with your top down.

  10. As a owner of a 69 Corvette coupe, I was really surprised how the 69 convertible outsold the coupe. Back when the cars were new, and up to this day, I have always seen more 69 coupes on the road then convertibles. Weird On the subject of soft tops on convertibles, NO car ever built that is a convertible, looks better with the top up, then with the top down. The Corvettes I have had, never had their picture taken with the top up. I had a good friend who had a 56 and a 65 convertible, and he was always taking pictures of his cars, with the tops up AGGGGHH! Oh well, to each his own, I guess

  11. I have a rapid blue coupe and the engine window is a must have for me. My last two corvettes were convertibles, a 69 big block and a 66 small block. Personally I love the way a ragtop looks with the top UP. I rarely put the top down on either car. Just love the look of a vert on the classics.

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