[VIDEO] North Carolina Police Looking for a Unique C4 Corvette Used During a Robbery


[VIDEO] North Carolina Police Looking for a Unique C4 Corvette Used During a Robbery

Have you seen this red C4 Corvette Convertible with mismatched wheels and a hardtop? If so, you could help authorities in solving a crime!

The red Corvette was captured on surveillance video during the robbery of an unoccupied home in Belmont, North Carolina back in October. The former owner of the house contacted us to see if we could help identify the Corvette used in the crime.

A police report by the Gaston County Police Department on Facebook details the theft of a generator from the property. The suspects are seen at the residence in multiple videos on October 7th and 11th with two different vehicles, a dark blue minivan (possibly a Dodge Caravan) with dark wheels and a red C4 Corvette (possibly identified as a 1990 model).

As you see the Corvette pull into the driveaway, we noticed right away that it’s a convertible model wearing a removable hardtop. The wheels on the car are mismatched as well with the fronts being from a 1989-1990 Corvette while the rears are the C4-styled ZR-1 wheels. Also recognizable on the car is the fairly rare V56 option which added a Luggage Rack on the rear deck of the C4’s convertibles models.

If you recognize these suspects or their vehicles, or if you have any other information regarding this case, please contact Officer B. Race with the Gaston County Police Department at 704-866-3320 or Crime Stoppers of Gaston County at 704-861-8000.

Gaston County Police Department / Facebook

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  1. Those front wheels are either ’88 Z-51 or ’89 base wheels; the ’90 wheels have recessed center section.

  2. Rears are not zr1 amoled wheels. They are similar but either possibly firebird or aftermarket. Not corvette wheels though

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