[ACCIDENT] Tow Truck Driver Nearly Drowns Trying to Rescue a Submerged 1984 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Tow Truck Driver Nearly Drowns Trying to Rescue a Submerged 1984 Corvette

Photo Credit: Port St. Lucie Police

The driver of a 1984 Corvette that crashed into a lake at 9:30 Tuesday morning and a tow truck driver who nearly drowned trying to locate the submerged car both escaped with their lives after the accident in South Florida.

The blue C4 Corvette landed in the lake after the driver, 66-year-old Ronald Braccio, lost control along NW St. James Boulevard and NW Helmsdale Way in Port St. Lucie.

At first trapped, Braccio eventually managed to find a tool, smashed a window, and swam to shore.

Shortly afterward, tow truck driver Danny Hahn, 37, jumped into the lake to see if he could locate the completely submerged Corvette that wasn’t visible from the shore. He became so tired during the search he couldn’t make it back to safety but was able to yell for help while struggling to stay afloat.

Port St. Lucie Officer Corona quickly removed his gear, swam out to Hahn, and managed to hold onto him while using a ResQ Disc, a throwable frisbee-like device used to save the lives of victims trapped in water. Fellow Officer Druga then pulled both men safely to shore.

As a precautionary measure due to inhaling water, Hahn was transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center.

Eventually, the Corvette was also pulled out of the water.

Port St. Lucie Police via tcpalm.com

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