[VIDEO] Rapper Blueface Casually Drives His C8 Corvette to 157 MPH


[VIDEO] Rapper Blueface Casually Drives His C8 Corvette to 157 MPH

We hope Rapper Blueface will slow down in his new mid-engine Corvette so he doesn’t have to change his name to Rapper Redface.

If not for himself, then for his 3-year-old son.

We get it that rappers have a certain bad-boy image to uphold, but Blueface might want to rethink the video he filmed while he was zooming to 157 mph in his 2020 Corvette – one-handed on a public road with other vehicles in the middle and right lanes.

It’s not the first time Blueface has been so reckless with his driving. It was just July when the 23-year-old Californian wrecked his Porsche Panamera, with the words “another one” as the caption for his post showing the wrecked sports sedan.

Two years ago, Blueface became a viral meme because of his offbeat style of rapping, and last year a remix of his song “Thotiana” with Cardi B and YG became his most successful single to date, peaking at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

While we told you about a recent T-bone crash involving a 2020 Corvette, where the unscathed owner praised Chevy’s engineers for their outstanding work on the car’s safety features, we don’t think it would be such a happy ending in the event of a 157 mph crash.

Let’s hope Blueface doesn’t have to worry about such an accident, but amazingly it wouldn’t be the first involving a rapper and a C8 Corvette. Back in June, fellow singer Rod Wave totaled his Ceramic Matrix Gray mid-engine Corvette just a month into ownership when he struck a light post at high speed and suffered internal bleeding as a result. A video shows the battered Stingray with the front passenger-side severely damaged and the car actually sitting on top of the front wheel that’s now turned sideways.

On his Instagram post about the crash, the Florida rapper writes “Hurt me to my heart the way our love ended πŸ’””


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  1. 157 mph at night. Driving way beyond the range of the headlights. Rappers have a way of dying young either by getting shot by some other “brotha” or exiting the planet by way of their own hand.

  2. Maybe Corvette dealers should have a clearance form required of all buyers. Clearly, he does not deserve to drive a Corvette regardless of whether he can afford one. I waited almost a year for my 2020 HTC Z51 and I would never abuse it. I have been driving these beauties since 1988. Each new generation keeps getting better. However, it will take a whole bunch to get better than this C8.

  3. Never mind the racist remarks. The ones that point out and point to the dangers involved are the one’s that make the most sense. How about the 173 miles per hour on a dry lake bed driven by a guy with his girl friend in the car; not to mention running out of room at the end to nearly run into a camp ground. I can’t forget those videos that were very likely soon pulled from the Internet.

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