[PIC] First Look at the 2021 Corvette’s Stinger Hood Graphic


[PIC] First Look at the 2021 Corvette's Stinger Hood Graphic

Photo Credit: @carsfromhoff

As a C2 Corvette owner, I’ve always been a fan of the stinger hood and Chevy’s attempts at recreating the look via a Stinger hood graphic on the most recent generations have pretty much worked. However, when the 2021 options list showed a preview of the new Stinger graphics option, I found myself having a hard time embracing the new design.

The C8 Corvette’s front (and frunk) has been such a radical departure from previous generations. As the engine now resides in the rear, there is no “power bulge” on the C8’s hood as compared to the C7s, so Chevy’s designers created a two-tone graphic designed to run along the narrow creases on each side of the hood’s center.

The new Stinger Stripes are $500 and are offered in three flavors:

  • DZX Carbon Flash/Edge Red Stinger Stripe
  • DZU Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow Stinger Stripe
  • DZV Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver Stinger Stripe

Tonight on Instagram we caught our first photo of a 2021 Corvette with the DZU Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow Stinger Stripes on a Zeus Bronze Z51 Coupe. Perhaps this isn’t the best color combo to show off these new stripes but we’ll take what we can get. Who wants to guess the car has matching Edge Yellow calipers?

Posted via @carsfromhoff via Instagram:

Do you like the concept of the 2021 Stinger stripes? Want to see a different color combo before passing judgment? Us too. I’d like to see the Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver stripes on a black car myself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I like it, but it looks lacking in the middle. I too would like to see the Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver on a Black car . I’m thinking if I were in the market (or lucky enough) to buy a C8 thats what I’d order.

  2. This will appeal to the same types who proudly paid $1,000 or more for a ‘landau’ or fake convertible top on their blocky 1980’sjarring;
    Hideous ..and garish.
    Tacky ..and tasteless.
    Tawdry ..and cheap.
    Disruptive ..and jarring.

  3. It’s of course a personal choice but I feel the stripe does nothing to enhance the looks of the car.

  4. Don’t care for it. It reminds of the tacky stripes on the GTO Judge fenders from years gone by. It just doesn’t add anything to the supercar look. But I have seen the broader center “Jake” stripe that’s being offered. It’s a much better fit with this car.

  5. I think they look just okay, but not great. My advice would have been to *not* call this stripe package a Stinger. It’s about the least Stinger-like of anything I’ve seen on a Vette. Make up some fancy other name and sell it for $199, and then maybe they’d have something.

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