[PICS] C7 Corvette Z06 Shows Off Worst Body Kit Mod Ever


[PICS] C7 Corvette Z06 Shows Off Worst Body Kit Mod Ever

Photo Credit: Reddit.com

We get that people love to mod their Corvettes, and generally we are all for it as we like to refer to a stock Corvette as a blank canvas in which the owner can customize to their heart’s content. However, the friends and family of the owner of this Baby Blue C7 Corvette Z06 should have hosted an intervention because the final outcome of this widebody project leaves a lot to be desired.

Chevrolet didn’t offer baby blue on the C7, and I would hazard a guess that the owner painted or wrapped the car in that color after seeing rapid blue on a C8. Not stopping there, the owner added a “liberty walk”-styled widebody kit consisting of wider front and rear wheel arches that were screwed into the existing body. The body kit is also done in baby blue, but unfortunately, it’s not quite the same shade as the existing color on the car so the new panels stick out like a sore thumb.

[PICS] C7 Corvette Z06 Shows Off Worst Body Kit Mod Ever

The front fascia of the Z06 has also been changed to that of a Ferrari F12 and a custom hood was added that puts the heat-extraction vents at the very base of hood near the windshield. Instead of the hot air being extracted in front of the engine, that hot air now flows over the LT4’s supercharger before being expelled at the rear of the motor. Not the greatest way to help a sportscar with known cooling issues. That’s assuming of course that the car did indeed began life as a Z06.

Making the build even worse is the black panel gap between the new wheel arches, as well as the gaps around the front fascia and hood. We wonder if this car had been wrecked and the owner decided to reconstruct the car a bit differently (and watched a video on youtube on how to do it themselves!).

[PICS] C7 Corvette Z06 Shows Off Worst Body Kit Mod Ever

Photos of this poor Z06 were first posted to the Reddit forum called “Shitty Car Mods” and the overall responses regarding the car are pretty funny to read. One of the commenters found the original details for the kit which is called Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gran Veloce Series Body Kit. As you can see from the photos, the owner of the baby blue C7 Z06 totally nailed it!


[PICS] C7 Corvette Z06 Shows Off Worst Body Kit Mod Ever

Reddit.com via Carscoops.com

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  1. I’ve said it before, there should be some qualifying involved before you would be allowed to buy a Corvette, starting with a IQ test. And to think someone actually paid for the “kit” and then probably paid somebody to install it.

  2. The bolt on stuff looks stupid anyway, no matter who designs it or attaches it. Screws and bolts have no place on the outside of the car.

  3. The color sucks, the “workmanship” is horrible, the hood gap doesn’t even look right. I would be embarrassed to be seen in this car. The only thing missing is curb feelers…..

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