[VIDEO] Oliver Gavin Leaves A Smokey C8.R Salute to the Fans at Sebring


[VIDEO] Oliver Gavin Leaves A Smokey Salute to the Fans at Sebring

Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin capped his final drive with the team by leaving some smokey burnouts and donuts in the Corvette C8.R at Sebring’s Turn 17.

The ace driver posted the video to his Instagram account with the caption “I was given permission by the boss to put on a smoke show.” and he gave credit for the video to “@sillysienna and the flag marshalls at T17.

Olly’s smoke show is indeed spectacular and during the burnout, his super sticky race Michelins look like they catch on fire! We’ll have to ask Lee Willard about this!

As Oliver burns rubber, make sure you turn up your speakers to get the high-revving sound of the C8.R’s flat-plane crank V8, as a variant of that engine will be offered on the 2022 Corvette Z06. (FYI, the pops and cracks you hear in the background are the fireworks going off.)

Thanks again Oliver for all the great memories in your service to Corvette over the years. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and we’ll always be rooting for you!

Oliver Gavin / Instagram

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  1. A heartfull salut to ollie for being a gentlemen Race Driver representing Corvette Racing during 2 decades. I sincerely hope he will become an ambassador for C8 RHD in the UK.

  2. Good burnout, but that flat plane crank engine, sounds like anything but a Corvette. I like more base..and less screeching .

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