[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Wraps Up Its Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Build with a Test Drive


[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Wraps Up Its Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Build with a Test Drive

In a follow-up video to the one that we covered last week, Late Model Racecraft says goodbye to the completed, 667 WHP monster C8 Corvette that they have been building for YouTuber, Street Speed 717, aka “Mike.”

This, third installment is short, sweet, and action-packed. The whole thing is basically just a ten-minute test drive that shows LMR doing some final shakedowns of their latest creation with some nifty camerawork.

This adventure isn’t without its share of interesting tidbits though. It seems like the crazy Houstonians have dialed back on the clutch-slip issue that was plaguing Mike’s blue beast. They do say that the stock unit is about maxed out at current levels of power though. A fix, in the form of a new, upgraded clutch pack, is under development on another C8 in their shop as we speak (write/read). We also learn that Street Speed will be sending a steady stream of business LMR’s way, the next car being a C6 ZR1, which should make for more interesting content but what this video is all about is the launches, pulls, and wicked exhaust sounds (in the last write-up, we forgot to mention that the turbos bolt straight on to the cat-back exhaust system that LMR has already been selling to C8 customers. A nice feature for those who want to do further mods down the road).

[VIDEO] Late Model Racecraft Wraps Up Its Twin-Turbo C8 Corvette Build with a Test Drive

We would have to guess that one of the coolest things about working on a YouTuber’s ride is the green light to do so many hard launches on someone else’s vehicle. While the (awesome) abuse shown in the clip would put most Corvette owners over the edge with anger, the vlogging community is traditionally in and out of each car in less than a year as they move on to the next big thing in their neverending quest for clicks, likes, and subscriptions.

We were a bit sad that the Atomic Orange four-door Cobalt that was heavily featured as a photo-bomber in the first video was nowhere to be found in this edition, but LMR more than made up for that oversight with a really cool shot of a drone keeping up with Mike’s C8 as it shot off into the distance, that thing was impressive! Be sure to let us know what stood out to you in the comments section and keep your eyes here for the latest Corvette news.

Late Model Racecraft

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  1. Didn’t watch the vid but still have a question. Doesn’t seem like that much of a power gain with twin turbos. And it cost how many thousands?? 495 to 667 that’s it??!! Doesn’t seem right or worth it.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Kevin!
    They haven’t announced pricing yet.
    The stock 495 HP is measured at the crank and the 667 number was at the wheels so it is dealing with drivetrain loss (usually figure about 15%). The engine with the turbos is producing well into the 700s. There is also some speculation that they had to turn down the boost a bit in order to remedy the clutch-slip issue. There might be plenty of power left in this setup but the transmission seems to be the limiting factor right now.


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