[VIDEO] 2008 Corvette Z06 Dips into the 8s, Setting Naturally-Aspirated Record


[VIDEO] 2008 Corvette Z06 Dips into the 8s, Setting Naturally-Aspirated Record

Last month, a Corvette Forum member named, Sébastien Imbeault took to the C6 Z06 fast list to post an incredible accomplishment; he piloted his ’08 Z to an 8.993 quarter-mile ET at a blistering 151.84 MPH, setting a new world record for naturally aspirated Z06s!

The new 7-liter high-water mark was set at Quebec’s Passat Napierville Dragway on Hoosier DR2 295-55-15 rears and front skinnies. The list of engine mods is extensive and much of the under-hood work was done by American Heritage Performance, shortened to AHP in the official post from Sébastien, himself:

Vararam SC1R, ARH, AHP ported MSD 102/102, AHP CNC LS7 heads, ID1050X injectors, Fore twin Walbro 525 pump, RPS BC2 clutch, Mezier EWP, ATI underdrive, Custom Iceman 4.0 cam, MSD 8.5mm, MSD LS 2 step, S.I.R.P. Tune, 160 stats, Custom TR6060 ratio, Motive 3.90 rear end, C6Z06 rear axle, QA1 DA shocks, Weight 2675 lbs dry no fuel no driver, Stock LS7 block Darton sleeved with stock LS7 rotating, ARP main & Heads studs, 3800 RPM launch.

A dyno sheet of this build would be fascinating to look over but the rest of the data from the record run doesn’t disappoint. Sixty feet were dispatched in 1.239 seconds, followed by 330 feet in 3.704 ticks. The Z06 was putting more than 100 feet per second behind it by 660 when the clock read 5.738 at an indicated 119.71 MPH! 1,000 feet passed in 7.507 seconds, and, from there, it only took 1.486 more seconds to cross the final football field of the strip.

[VIDEO] 2008 Z06 Dips into the 8s, Setting Naturally Aspirated Record

Imbeault and AHP also provided a pair of videos of the run for proof. Enjoy them below and keep your eyes peeled, we get the feeling that we haven’t heard the last of this NA monster!


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  1. Like many videos and magazine articles, no mention of what that 2.7 quicker E T from stock cost. Bet it was more than the car cost new.

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