[VIDEO] Rev Battle Pits the C7 vs C8: Which Corvette Sounds Better?


[VIDEO] Rev Battle Pits the C7 vs C8: Which Corvette Sounds Better?

It was inevitable that someone would bring a C7 and C8 together to see which one sounds the best.

An aftermarket parts manufacturer named AWE Tuning did just that, installing its AWE “Touring” exhaust on an Arctic White C7 convertible and a Shadow Gray Metallic C8 coupe.

Since both cars have naturally aspirated 6.2-liter engines with slight differences, you’d expect them to sound close to the same, but there actually is a difference to the ear.

In the video, we first hear the C7 fire up, then revved several times, and it definitely has a deeper sound.

Then comes the C8, which has a raspier sound that reminds us of the old Corsa exhaust.

We have no official explanation for why they sound so different with the same exhaust, but perhaps it could be because of the different length of the exhaust systems due to the fact that the C7 is a front engine and the C8 is a mid-engine.

Road & Track asked its readers what they thought, and so far they have received four different answers.

One guy says the C7.

Another says “C8 for sure.”

A third says “the point is moot in real life” because the C8 would always be in front of the C7, so the C8 driver would never hear the C7 behind him/her but the C7 driver would always hear the C8 in front, however.

A fourth has a more philosophical outlook, noting “whichever one you give to me and put in my garage is the better sounding Corvette…”

Our answer of course is that all Corvettes sound great. It’s like asking a parent which kid is their favorite.

What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. I have to say that the C 7 sounds more like a Corvette. The C 8 had a tinny sound similar to a European motor. I own a C 7 stock exhaust.

  2. Stingray to Stingray C8 doesn’t need to sound any better then a C7 as it slips
    Over the hill and out of sight. A Corvette is polished enough. It is admired enough. It is listen to enough. I’d rather drive mine then listen to it. If you want to just listen you got to catch me first. I don’t own a Corvette to make it into a shrine. I own one to drive. Anything less is a disservice to a Corvette! I didn’t get a C8 for the next driver to get a low mileage car at a low price. I do insist on clean windows so I can see out as I drive but Listening more then Driving, Not so Much!

  3. By the way Bill that tinny sounding C8 has more horse power. Maybe the sound is tinny because it is going farther and farther away!

  4. Personally I have a C7 Stingray and think it sounds a bit better. However, I agree with the sentiment that says the best sounding Corvette is the one you have in your garage. America’s sports car, no matter which generation, is a fabulous automobile, and one that you should enjoy and cherish!!!

  5. First of all, I like the passion of all of the commenters here on the rev-off of sound. No one discussed what the sound, sounds like at the dreaded 1,700 RPM cruising on the Interstate at speeds that are, “legal-enough to test.” Thank you AWE for bringing this test to our attention. I will say, that thanks to YouTube and GM authority and what a lot of people have brought up in the past, the differences between at least 40 different CAT-back exhaust systems may be greater than the differences between the C7 and the C8 with catbacks from the same aftermarket exhaust maker, especially done back to back and side by side. I have a BORLA on my C8 and I believe most people would say that it sounds quite a bit different from the AWE offering. Like the idea that this test stirs so many opinions. Just cool, even for those who drive their car and like to claim victory for their fav. AF

  6. The C7 all day! The only time a standard C8 would sound better is when the C8 ZO6 comes out in 2022. And that’s only because the 2022 ZO6 sounds awful!

  7. My dream is to one day own a Corvette and after hearing them rev up, while both sound exhilarating, I have to give it to the C8. Just immediately sounded meaner, stronger, ready to race at the top end and leave everyone in its dust.

  8. They both sound good, just in different ways. The C7 is deeper more throaty sound.

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