[VIDEO] Mr. Regular is Back with a New Review of the 2011 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Mr. Regular is Back with a New Review of the 2011 Corvette Z06

Automotive reviewer, Mr. Regular, recently took a turn in a 2011 Corvette Z06 with the coveted Z07 Ultimate Performance Package. Naturally, he used his time with the Supersonic Blue beauty to put together another of his patented satire car reviews.

After calling his most recent subject a “Himbo” (an attractive but unintelligent man; male bimbo) and breaking out a little ditty in the style of Boyz II Men, the video begins by dedicating two minutes to the point of view of the “dumb” Z06, partly in JFK’s voice. Mr. Regular then turns the page directly to his own thoughts on “the better Corvette.”

When Mr. Regular says that there is nothing to get with the Z06; no deeper meaning, it is easy for die-hard fans of the model to feel the onset of rage, but a little introspection coupled with his description of the semi-Carbon as an “unrestrained, manual transmission car that feels like it is driving in snow at all times,” makes one realize that the C6Z’s honesty, simplicity, and 7.0 liter “Steve Rogers pecs” are exactly why this “golden retriever” of a car is so enjoyable and downright lovable.

Getting through the remainder of the review is easiest if you put on your pleather 8-ball jacket and embrace your inner himbo. When Mr. Regs says, “this is the stock ride height, and there is no nose lift feature,” just squint and confidently say, “yeah, that’s right.”


Be sure to hold on between 3:43 and 5:22 at the Regs goes full Jim Gaffigan before returning to take a shot at the ‘Vette’s rep as a mid-life crisis-mobile and talking about porn and video games more times than you’ve ever heard in a car video.

The video closes when the man with a purple and salmon tie-dye mask on his wrist and an elastic waistband holding a GoPro to his forehead admitting that different people love different things and that herculean torque and an empty-headed experience that you aren’t supposed to think too hard about just might be the escape that some car enthusiasts truly desire.

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  1. Oh my god, worst video ever. Who is this douche bag and why is he in a nice ZO6?? I only made it through about 2 minutes of the vid, couldn’t take the dipshit narrating any longer. Pleas don’t show this jerk off anymore.

  2. He’s a bit of a strange personality. If ya don’t already know him, you’ll never figure him out in 2 minutes. Throws in many subtleties and literary references. The rest of the video was pretty good! Many people think he’s hilarious.

  3. Read the comments first, so was prepared for the worse. Made it through 1:25, very offensive as I own a Z06 and know what a really great car it is. Bet this guy likes men (and boys?) a lot more than women.

  4. He’s definitely more of a “writer” than a car guy. Who gets in a performance car and slides the seat all the way back so his arms are straight forward sticks? That’s not what a real car guy would do. He can be entertaining at times, but this video is a bit over done.

  5. An Artsy reviewing an Engineering Masterpiece. What a [email protected]$ Wad with questionable gender association.
    AS a former owner of a 2008 C6 Z06, and retired scientist, this car was and still is The Performance GT Super Car Bargain on This Planet. Won the 24 Hrs of Lemans in GT1, in its first try, Finished 1-2. Then, won again the next year to give two consecutive years. The LS7R Engine was named the Global Race Engine of the year for power, reliability and fuel consumption at 600 hp for the GT1 class in 2006.
    Few People outside the HardCore Corvette community Realize that the C6 Z06 was Born directly from the C5R. The Following characteristics emerged.
    The production Z06 held many records including highest Gs in cornering and shortest distance for stopping. The car was untouchable from 60 mph to 180 mph in acceleration. Why? 7K RedLine and it weighed only 3150 lbs (dry). Very good Aerodynamics. Only supercar in North America which was exempted of Gas Guzzler Tax: at 60 mph in 6th gear, the HighWay fuel economy was 33 miles per gallon. How? the 427 CI engine had a ridiculous amounts of torque and good aero body.
    At the Nurburgring piloted by a Brilliant and Gutsy Engineer, it outpaced Ferrari and Porsche. I can Write Pages how i enjoyed owning it for how it handled with it 50/50 weight distribution and lowest centre of gravity. Best of all it had extreme rubber contact patch, front and rear. Handled like a gokart. The rear trunk/hatch back could hold a fully assembled bicycle. So it had amazing cargo capacity.
    A Himbo? My Ass. Mine was a show stopper in JetStreamBlue… Anybody who owns a C6 Carbon Z06, hold on to it. As a Final Note the Germans where trampling over each other to Buy the limited GT3 Spec Z06 for the Races in Europe. Some Won Championships. Now Thats Extremely Flattering…

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