[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: The Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06 AeroWagen


[VIDEO] Regular Car Reviews: The Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06 AeroWagen

It’s been a couple of years since Mr. Regular and the Regular Car Reviews has focused on a Corvette for a review but this time he is back with something special, the Callaway SC757 Corvette Z06 AeroWagen!

If you are unfamiliar with how Mr. Regular reviews a car, you should check out his visit to Corvettes at Carlisle a few years ago as he tried to determine which Corvette was the best Corvette at Carlisle.

To learn more about the Callaway AeroWagen, Mr. Regular traveled to Patriot Chevrolet in Philadelphia, one of two locations in the USA that has the AeroWagen available for test drives. Although most have seen the AeroWagen as it was first introduced in Torch Red, which by the way was the same car that we had the opportunity to take home for 18 glorious hours and that was also tested by the likes of Jay Leno, this Callaway AeroWagen was done in Arctic White with a Red interior.

It’s easy to see the AeroWagen as some sort of gimmick and every time we feature an AeroWagen in these pages, there’s a contingent of owners who say keep it stock, just like the NCRS peeps that hate restomodding. The AeroWagen’s meticulously-constructed rear hatch available with an optional carbon fiber spoiler may be the design feature that brings you into a Callaway dealership, it’s most likely Callaway’s SC757 package which takes a stock Corvette Z06 from 650 horsepower to 757 horses that will close the deal.

The drivability of the Callaway SC757 AeroWagen is one of the cars best selling points and after checking out the car at the dealership, Mr. Regular hits the road with Callaway’s Chris Chessnoe silently riding shotgun. Like all Regular Car Review videos, there are some obscure references thrown out including a customized version of the song “Row Row Fight the Power” that is changed with Callaway references. And then there is Harry, a fictional representation of Corvette owners who wants to buy a special Corvette…

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