Corvettes on Craigslist: ‘Mint Condition’ Two-Tone 1982 Corvette with 17K Miles


Corvettes on Craigslist: 'Mint Condition' Two-Tone 1982 Corvette with 17K Miles

The 1982 Corvette represents a paradox of sorts for Chevy’s sports car – it was the last of the C3 generation but still managed to offer some firsts along its way into the history books.

The third generation had started with chrome bumpers front and rear in 1968, but the end of its long run had metamorphosized into rubber bumpers on both ends, with spoilers molded into them to give a fresh look starting in 1980.

Currently up for sale on Craigslist out of Hereford, Arizona, south of Phoenix and near the Mexican border, is this 1982 Corvette, one of just 664 to be painted in two-tone white over silver.

While the listing features just three exterior photos, this Corvette appears to live up to its billing as being in “mint” condition. And well it should be, with a minuscule 17,000 miles on the odometer over the past 38 years!

Corvettes on Craigslist: 'Mint Condition' Two-Tone 1982 Corvette with 17K Miles

We’d love to see more photos of the car, especially the interior. We’re just told that it’s black, though the correct description is charcoal.

Chevy introduced “cross fire injection” on the 1982 Corvette, and this one apparently still has its original 350 V8. This wasn’t your granddad’s fuel injection, though, as it combined two “injectors” with updated Chevrolet’s Computer Command Control system to achieve better economy, driveability, and performance through more precise metering of the fuel. Chevy improved the CCC unit itself for ’82 to make it capable of performing 80 adjustments per second compared to the 10 in the ’81.

Those engines were hooked to the same kind of transmission in all 25,407 Corvettes built that year – a new for ’82 four-speed automatic transmission with an overdrive fourth gear and second, third, and fourth gear converter clutch engagement.

By the way, the ’82 also marked the first time all Corvettes were built in the Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly plant. The ’81s had been assembled in two locations – St. Louis, Missouri before switching to Bowling Green early that summer.

Another first for ’82 was the use of a lifting rear hatchback glass, though it was only available on the 6,759 special Collector Editions built to celebrate the end of the third generation.

Corvettes on Craigslist: 'Mint Condition' Two-Tone 1982 Corvette with 17K Miles

The ’82 marked the end of the road for the two removable T-top panels as the fourth generation introduced the use of the one-piece panels that continue to this day.

This ’82 is said to have “cold A/C” and like 20,354 of its kinsmen, it includes an AM/FM cassette stereo system.

If you ever wondered whether Corvettes hold their value, this one is a good example. The asking price of $19,700 is about $1,500 more than the base MSRP of $18,290.07.


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  1. I have an original dealer poster (card board) from the 1982. It features the special edition model and a red over silver on it. Its for sale!

  2. I never was crazy about the two-tone cars but I really like the white over silver a lot. They look especially good with the silver/gray interior.

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