[VIDEO] Vintage Corvette Kiddie Ride For Sale Is One Of Six Produced


[VIDEO] Vintage Corvette Kiddie Ride For Sale Is One Of Six Produced

Talk about your lack of legroom, at least for an adult!

But on the other hand, there’s plenty of headroom for everyone in this totally restored 1960 Corvette kiddie ride that pays homage to the popular TV series, “Route 66.”

Only six of these were built more than half a century ago by Creative Glass Co., in Oneida, Tenn., before a fire destroyed the molds and ended production for good. Those six Corvettes were sold to a company called Kiddie Ride Co. of London, Ky., where they remained in use until 2003.


Three years later, a grandson who had inherited the wornout cars sold them to Topps Restoration of Oklahoma City, Okla., where a complete refurbishment was undertaken.

This one features authentically styled Corvette spinner hubcaps, an upholstered interior resembling real Corvette seats, a Corvette steering wheel, little chrome piping in the side panels, an actual side cove painted white, and real rubber tires that spin.

Now the finished product is up for sale by the current owner, Volo Auto Sales out of Volo, Ill.

“I tell you, this thing’s restored better than most Corvettes I see,” a Volo spokesman says in a video showing the kiddie ride. “The fiberglass is perfect, there’s not a crack, it’s straight, (the base coat/clear coat) is polished out like glass, the metal flake is beautiful…”


The car rests atop a metal base, also restored to perfection, and includes an operational coinbox set up to take a dime for one ride.

This car would be perfect for the garage of a Corvette enthusiast or as a conversation piece in a showroom. Volo says it has one of the biggest selections of kiddie rides in its museum and even allows visiting kids to play on them.

That might be a little difficult for the new owner to do with this particular kiddie ride, since Volo is asking $19,995 for it, quite a substantial play toy for the grandkids, huh?

But consider what you’re getting for that money.

“These are very collectible,” the seller points out, “and will trade for some serious money. It’s a good investment and a neat fun piece. What a neat piece in your showroom, your garage… if you’re a Corvette enthusiast, putting this out in your garage, just a really cool thing to have!”

The only reason Volo is selling it “is we only have room for so much. Every once in a while, we put a few things up for sale.”

Including this kiddie ride. “Do not compare this to a modern kiddie ride with a Corvette body or a Frankenstein creation built by a hobbyist from a carnival ride or mis-matched parts salvaged from scrap rides,” the seller concludes. “This is a true manufactured, born as you see it ride.”

VoloCars.com via GM Authority

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