[PICS] Same C8 Corvette Prototype…Different Day


[PICS] Same C8 Corvette Prototype...Different Day

Photo Credit: Derrick Fell

One of our readers sent us these photos of a camouflaged C8 Corvette in the Rocky Mountains as the car is being tested. It’s the same prototype that we shared yesterday as the license plates match. We were told the car was parked off of I-70 at an altitude of around 9,500 feet.

Derrick writes to us about the car and says, “The story about vets driving around in Colorado. I saw the same car! The guy had a laptop out and the car was clearly on inside but silent outside, it was at an exit on I-70 around 9500ft elevation.” “I could see all the gauges on and lit up but it wasn’t emitting any audible exhaust noise, maybe it was in the accessory position or potential hybrid situation, unsure.”

Hmmm, on…but silent? Hard to say what’s happening without being there and even then we are probably reading into this more than we should. But we do like seeing these prototypes roaming the countryside as the Corvette Team continues pushing forward with the C8 platform.

[PICS] Same C8 Corvette Prototype...Different Day

[PICS] Same C8 Corvette Prototype...Different Day

Thanks Derrick for sharing these photos. If you come across members of the Corvette team testing any C8 prototypes, let us know!

Photos by Derrick Fell

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