[VIDEO] Arctic White 2020 Corvette Convertible Projects a White-Out Look With Its Body-Colored Nacelles


[VIDEO] Arctic White 2020 Corvette Convertible Spotted at the Corvette Assembly Plant

Now that the 2020 Corvette Convertibles are being produced and shipped to dealers, we are just now starting to see some of the various color combinations available to buyers. Because of the COVID shutdowns, the number of different colored Convertibles we have actually spied has been limited, so we’re enjoying the discovery of checking out the newest Corvette model in the 12 available colors.

As we’ve discussed previously, the hardtop convertibles offer several different looks as you can customize the color of the rear nacelles and roof. Those combinations include body-color nacelles, black nacelles only, or a black roof with black nacelles.

Our friend Byron Glover, Jr of the YouTube channel Drive 615 was recently passing through Bowling Green and took a swing by the Corvette Assembly Plant where he found several examples of America’s Favorite Sports Car parked at the facility including a couple new Convertibles.

[VIDEO] Arctic White 2020 Corvette Convertible Projects a White-Out Look With Its Body-Colored Nacelles

Aside from the fact that Byron gives us a shoutout at 8:18 in the video, we choose to highlight his video as one of the new Corvettes spotted is an Arctic White Convertible with the two-tone Blue interior. It’s a 3LT car without Z51, and the roof and nacelles are all white, or body-colored as the nacelles option is described. The only contrast comes from the black vents and the boomerang on the side intake, the Carbon Flash emblems, and the silver aluminum open-spoke wheels.

The white-out look on the hardtop Convertible with the Arctic White nacelles is quite bright under the sun, and while we do like to see a little more contrast with the lighter colors in the Corvette color wheel, we imagine with the top down we would also be feeling the vibes from the Tension Blue seats.

Check out the walk-around video from our friend Byron at Drive 615:

Byron will have another 2020 Corvette Convertible video coming up shortly so make sure you watch for it! Do you like the white-out look of this Arctic White Convertible? Let me know in the comments below!

Drive 615 / YouTube

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  1. I like it, but then again I really like White Corvettes, had 2, an ’80 & a ’70 Convertible with a White soft top. If I were in the position to have a C8 it’d be a White convertible and I would paint the boomerangs White and opt for body colored nacelles.

  2. The car is perfect. I very much like the wheels. I dislike black wheels–tires are black, and that is enough. The red calipers are a nice touch. Very classy and sleek without an ugly spoiler.

  3. I have a Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic C8 with the Boomerangs and the rear black nacelles painted body color along with part of the nacelle on the front. Mirrors are Carbon flash painted as is the top. Two central black racing stripes separate the paint. Calipers are standard black. High Wing Spoiler/Z51 package. Dealer installed carbon fiber aero package on sills and front spoiler. Overall look is very clean but sinister at the same time. Stripes are not my thing, but someone ordered this car and back out and I saw it on the Internet and proceeded with alacrity to successfully attempt to buy the car that was totally optioned by another person who obviously changed his/her mind. LT2. In some lighting, the color of my car looks white. Apparently it takes four quirky words to say, “Light Gray.” Has the Gray polished edge Tridents. Battery maintainer and mud guards are additional items added to the build. I have about 1450 miles on the car since April 14, official delivery date after purchasing the car the day before. It is L5101063. I cancelled my Convertible order and I’m delighted with this car as a coupe rather than a convertible. AF The white one above is a little too much white for my preference, by the way.


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