Over 8500 C8 Corvettes Now Built, 2nd Shift Reports for Training


Over 8500 C8 Corvettes Now Built, 2nd Shift Reports for Training

This year certainly has been a rollercoaster for Corvette enthusiasts waiting for their 2020 Corvettes to be built. I do get your emails requesting any updates on production news from the Corvette Assembly Plant. While some days the pickings are slim to none, we do have some good news to share from the C8 Facebook groups and other sources this week.

On Tuesday, workers at the plant completed 100 cars with VINs ranging from #8453 to #8553. The plant is working nearly 10-hour shifts but the line speed has been slowed with the addition of the Convertibles to the mix. According to a post on Facebook, the Convertibles made up 10% of total cars built on the 25th.

We have been hearing rumors of the impending start of the 2nd shift for some time now, and it finally looks like this is going to happen as soon as next week although we don’t have any official confirmation on that yet. Sources tell us that 2nd shift workers are training with the 1st shift this week which is also why the line speed has been slowed as quality control remains paramount. As an aside, the 2nd shift workers were previously trained for C8 production prior to the COVID shut down and now they are reacclimating those functions before going full time.

We understand the supply chain is still under pressure from the COVID-19 disruptions so we are not quite out of the woods yet. While some of the vendors and GM facilities are still coping with worker absenteeism due to the virus, so far Bowling Green Assembly has been able to deal with that effectively as they can pull those 2nd shift workers in for cover when needed.

Bowling Green Assembly Plant

As we reported yesterday, the 2020 Corvette’s Frunk update has been released and those cars still at the plant will be updated prior to shipping to dealers. According to those customers who have received the notification and applied the update, the process only takes about five minutes. So I doubt it will take them long to get the backlog of cars updated and shipped out.

And with the Frunk update now available, we will see Stop Delivery Order expire as updated cars can now be released to their new owners.

That’s the latest from the Corvette Assembly Plant as we’ve been able to gather. Stay tuned for any additional updates or breaking news as it happens!

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  1. It’s great that the convertibles are coming out GM will more than likely stick to production numbers than it is to stick to the date schedule. There is a price to pay, though. If the date of the 2021 keeps moving further forward, it is a little like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Something has to give. Either this year or next If the company produces a super car that does not have flaws because of short cuts or an attempt to produce too many, that company will be better off in the long term. At this point, profitability is important and recalls are drains upon profitability and vehicle reputation. Thus far, the Corvette people have frankly done a tremendous job. AF

  2. A solid date for 2021 C8 production would be appreciated. Especially for those who have been pushed back from 2020 to 2021.

  3. A solid date for 2020 C8 Convertible production would be appreciated especially for those who have been waiting for a year or more.

  4. No solid end dates for the 2020 Model Year. Will depend on when they can finish all the status 3000 orders. We’ll have a better idea in a couple months. – Keith

  5. They are building the convertibles now…started the week of Aug 3rd. Smaller quantities than what we would like to see but they said they are ramping up production totals as they monitor quality. – Keith

  6. My 2020 convertible was allocated in February but obviously with the shutdown everything got pushed back. I am listed as 3000 per my dealer. Is it possible that I don’t have a TPW yet? I know they started building new colors first. I ordered Sebring orange so I was thinking I may be one of the last built. Any ideas or thoughts would be helpful. Thanks

  7. Hi Lisa. That’s correct in that customers only get a TPW roughly 2-4 weeks from their car’s build and that’s only if your dealer provides that info to you. If you want to ask if a TPW has been assigned, contact your dealer or the Corvette Concierge program which can also provide that information. – Keith

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