Corvette Production Update: Over 4,000 Corvettes Completed Since May 26th Restart


Corvette Production Update: Over 4,000 Corvettes Completed Since May 26th Restart

Photo Credit: Jay Shellabarger

A quick note from our friend John via the gives us some great news regarding the production of Corvettes at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

We know that the assembly plant had built approximately 2,700 Corvettes before the Coronavirus shut down the facility on March 20th for just over two months. Since reopening on May 26th, the plant has built another 4,000 Corvettes. That total of 6,700 gets us to about 1/3rd of the total 20,181 orders that have been accepted for production in the 2020 model year.

Since reaching that 6700 number last Friday, we can estimate that Corvette production will hit VIN 7000 in the next day or so and by the end of the week we should be close to or just past the VIN for 7200.

As we discussed Monday, Convertibles started this week. It takes about 2.5 8-hour shifts to fully assembly a C8 Corvette so we expect the first convertible to be completed on Wednesday.

We are still waiting for the 2nd Shift to start and the rumor that’s been bandied about is that it will start in the next couple of weeks, but again that is always dependant on the supply chain being able to keep up with the increase in production. This will be huge news once it does and we’ll let you know when we know.

With all of all the negative news in the world today, continued production of the C8 Corvettes is one of the bright spots for Corvette enthusiasts. Thanks to the Corvette Team and all those who work at the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green. You are doing a fantastic job in keeping those “Vette Dreams” alive for those buyers who have been waiting so patiently. And we get that some are not that patient, to which we say Zora waited his whole life without seeing one…you can surely wait a few months longer.


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  1. If they don’t get the second shift at all and they honor their promise to the 20,000 event code 3000 people they promised a 2020, then the last 2020 will be built sometime in February or March, 2021.

  2. JIM PHLAMM…….you are correct, I am at 3000, march 17th, 2020 and I estimate without a second shift I MIGHT get my car in Late February 2021

    On August 4th 2020 my local dealer had his GM CONFERENCE CALL and again GM says it intends to build all 20,181 MY2020 cars. END OF NOVEMBER is supposed to be end of MY2020….not gonna happen. Only 6800 cars done so far.

  3. If they are able to go to a second shift in the next few weeks, they will be able to complete all the 2020 orders on time. Production for 2020 is expected to end sometime in mid-November but if there are delays then they have the flexibility to go all the way to the end of the year. However, they cannot build 2020 model cars in 2021 due to laws that govern the sale of autos. – Keith

  4. I have been waiting over 13 months-got bumped from a 2020, now a 2021. I have never seen such an incompetent roll out of the most anticipated car in 70 years. Before the strike and before COVID-2020’s should have been rolling off the factory floor in August of 2019, like every generation before. Also GM should have known the scumbag UAW leadership would strike them in a contract expiration year with the C8 held as ransom-very bad management all the way around by GM. I will be surprised if GM, I mean UAW, does not need to be bailed out AGAIN by the taxpayer. A really badly run corporation.

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