[PIC] C8 Corvette Owner’s Vanity Plate Brings Out The H8TERS


[PIC] C8 Corvette Owner's Vanity Plate Brings Out The H8TERS

Photo Credit: Rohit Dahya

The great thing about Corvettes is that each one can be personalized to the heart’s content of the owner.

Including this Torch Red 2020 Corvette Stingray belonging to Rohit Dahya of Texas.

Mr. Dahya displayed his personalized license plate on the back of his mid-engine Corvette to the C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) private group.

And it’s definitely proved to be polarizing among those who have seen it.

With the production of the new Stingray slowed considerably first by the UAW strike and then the COVID-19 pandemic, Dahya decided that a clever tag for his car would be to memorialize the health crisis by putting “C8VID-19” on the plate.

First the favorable comments, such as the one from Jane Dough-Greene: “That’s freaking awesome!” Melvin Constantino posted: “okay you win for vanity plate for 2020!!!” Scott Reeves said simply: “Love it.”

Others weren’t so impressed, like Gary Holroyd: “Great car, shame about the plate.”

John Paul chimed in: “I would hate to have something remind me of 200,000 dead Americans next year, but that is just me. You be you.”

Steven Hudson wrote: “You’re going to get a lot of s—t for it and you deserve it.”

Personally, we wouldn’t have chosen that particular way to commemorate our new Stingray, but that’s a personal choice. Mr. Dahya put it this way, saying that the tag reflects what “people are going through. 2020 will never be forgotten.”

By the way, I’ve been struggling myself to come up with a clever tag of my own for my Stingray’s personalized plate. If you have suggestions, you’re encouraged to kindly leave them below in the comments (maximum of seven letters or numbers).

While we were researching this story, we also came across Mr. Dahya’s Facebook page, and it appears he has also posted photos of his garage, noting that “the Corvette nursery is coming along.” Check it out yourself. We especially love the huge Chevrolet sign that takes up the whole wall on one side.

C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) via AutoEvolution.com

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  1. i bet his car gets KEYED! the RMV usually screens plates. BTW, lets get something going to be rid of FRONT PLATES!

  2. Hey, it’s harmless give me a break. I was just thinking earlier before seeing this are the 2020 C8s gonna be called the Covid Generation with an asteric in the Corvette Black Book denoting the reason for low production numbers.

  3. Bunch of virtue signaling chuckleheads. Perhaps they should stop worrying about license plates and get back to work. Oh that’s right. Do they still have a job what with COVID-19 and all?

  4. joe – I have to agree with you: a personalized plate like this is, “charged,” as the shrinks would put it; thus it is begging to have your baby keyed. & Michael you have a good point. It not only is the first mid-engine Corvette (so good that the C8R gets a huge weight penalty, next race) the fallout of the virus defined, thus far, two groups of cars: Those 2697 produced at the BGAP, followed by that lengthy shutdown and careful re-start, followed by those produced on the line. In fact, some highly technical professor with a very long nose might also want to delineate which cars were frozen on the line during the temporary shutdown. They would then, by VIN, have a special classification: “Those cars started during the ‘first run,’ and those cars completed during the second run.” Technically, this is all true and its all part of history. I have no trouble with such a breakdown. The reasons not to do it are plentiful, I am sure. The reasons to do it are plentiful as well, showing just how difficult the first year was for GM, for the production and sale of he first mid-engine Corvette Stingrays, in history. The variety of reasons and opinions from customers might be endless. The fact that management reaches an opinion or just ignores it is important as well. All the more reason for having a specific C8 2020 mid-engine Corvette Registry. You can throw in a lot of unique YouTube vlogs for the car, official, unofficial, quasi-official and private as a new first in Corvette history. At least on a First-Year C8 Corvette Registry, each of these individual differences could be included and laid-out for all to see. Often times Porsche has done something like this as Ford once did with the Bullitt. This topic is too long to further write about herein, but I’d like to hear from others, fans and owners as well as management and employees of Corvette. AF

  5. The tag holder on my 911 says:
    I know, I know
    License & Registration
    (The one time I was pulled over with it I think it helped me in only get a warning)

  6. Better be four more. The socialist left will raise the CAFE standards and we will see an end to internal combustion power

    Gone will be our beloved Vettes. And mustangs, the new TRX by Ram, Hellcats, Camaros

    So your own research and become familiar with the issues.

  7. Can you imagine all the electric cars plugged in charging in California when they already have rolling black outs all the time without them? These people have no sense.

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