EXCLUSIVE: Installing a Front License Plate on the 2020 Corvette


EXCLUSIVE: Installing a Front License Plate on the 2020 Corvette

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” isn’t just an old Clint Eastwood movie, it’s also an apt description of how Corvette designers have dealt with integrating the front license plate on America’s Sports Car over the years. A total of 30 states require a front license plate and driving without one may improve your Corvette’s curb appeal, but you could also end up with a hefty fine if caught driving without it. Plus, many Corvette owners will opt for a custom vanity license plate which they want to show off. So if you’re in one of those states that require a front license plate, here’s the process!

Previous generations like the C4 and C5 Corvettes provided an integrated license plate holder on the front nose of the car, but that went away on the C6 Corvettes which required the owner to actually drill and mount the license plate frame on the front fascia. Not an ideal solution at all! The C7 improved the front license plate situation with a removable frame that snapped into the center grill, and now the C8 offers the most integrated plate holder solution since 2004.

We caught up with Corvette Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion last August at the NCM’s 25th Anniversary Celebration and he showed us where the license plate frame was on the front of the car, and he also discussed two mounting possibilities. Today, we have exclusive photos from Kirk and the team showing how a front license plate is installed on the new mid-engine Corvettes.

Front License Plate Install Process:

With the engine behind the driver and the radiators in the front now mounted on the corners, the C8’s integrated license plate doesn’t impact airflow or cooling to the car at all. You can see the outline of the plate holder in the center of the black fascia which has the traditional “CORVETTE” script at the top of the frame.

C8 Corvette Front License Plate Install

To remove the license plate cover, you must insert a small flat head screwdriver or another small thin object into the slot on the upper right-hand corner. This allows you to pop the tabs to remove the plate cover from the fascia.

C8 Corvette Front License Plate Install

Once the cover is removed, the mounting holes for the license plate are now exposed. The license plate will need to bent slightly in the middle so that it will fit flush with the Corvettes’ traditionally angular nose.

C8 Corvette Front License Plate Install

The final step is to use the mounting screws to tighten the plate against the plate holder. Your C8 Corvette is now wearing its front license plate as required in your state.

C8 Corvette Front License Plate Install

According to our conversation with Kirk at the NCM Anniversary show, everything you need for the front license plate comes in a bag with the Corvette. For states that have a minimum height requirement, there is a process where the plate holder can be mounted on the very center of the car with the plate sticking up over the top of the C8’s pointed nose. But hopefully, the integrated plate holder will be enough to keep authorities in your state satisfied.

A huge thanks to Kirk and the Corvette Team for providing these photos and mounting details! Now that you’ve seen the step by step videos, here is our video with Kirk from the NCM Anniversary show discussing the front license plates:

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  1. 100% Agree. I happened to move from MD that requires a front plate to NC that doesn’t. Thank goodness!!! How can 20 states successfully live without a front license plate? Are the other 30 any safer? Nope!!

  2. Ask any cop (other than the admins that are slaves to the a). insurance industry / b). revenue generating local mayor) if a front plate has ever helped them identify or apprehend a dangerous criminal. The honest ones will tell you “no f’ing way.” It’s a racket.

  3. I live in Texas. The state requires a front plate. However, l will run without one until l get stopped, which may never happen. But, if it happens, more than likely I’ll get a warning. Then, maybe I’ll install the plate.

  4. Our state says you have to have a front plate but classic car plates get just one and Corvettes and Ferrari’s, well —– they just kind of look the other way. I haven’t had a front plate on my vette’s for years. I was sopped once and the officer ask if I had both plates. I said yes. He then ask if he could see the engine. We talked about the engine and he left.

  5. I live in California, nothing good here except the weather. Two plates are required, but I haven’t run a front plate since the 60s, Doesn’t seem to be high priority with local law enforcement.

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