Corvette Assembly Plant Working Overtime Ahead of July 4th Break


Corvette Assembly Plant Working Overtime Ahead of July 4th Break

We learned today that Corvette Assembly Plant workers are transitioning to a 10-hour shift this week instead of the regular 8-hour shift as the plant continues to produce more and more 2020 Corvettes ahead of next week’s July 4th break.

The Corvette Assembly Plant will be closed the week of June 29-July 3rd as part of its annual summer break. With the 4th of July federal holiday falling on Friday, they will be missing only four days of production. When workers return on Monday, July 6th, the assembly plant is expected to start the long-awaited 2nd shift of Corvette production.

On Tuesday, workers completed the assembly of 115 new 2020 Corvettes while knocking out an additional 92 on Monday. To date, over 4,150 new Corvettes have been completed.

And speaking of production, we came across this tidbit that the Tonawanda powertrain facility outside of Buffalo, NY has been steadily cranking out the Stingray’s LT2 engines. On Monday and Tuesday, a combined total of 504 LT2 V8s were built.

Finally, sources tell us that a number of shipments are expected to head out this week as the final Quality Control holds since the plant restarted are being lifted.

Since the Corvette Assembly Plant reopened a month ago, we’ve been crossing our fingers and saying prayers to Zora that workers would be safe and well, and that production wouldn’t be interrupted by suppliers issues or other factors. So far we have been rewarded as BGAP has steadily ramped up its production totals and shipping to customers has resumed. And it two weeks, all this activity should really take off as the 2nd shift reports to work.

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  1. Overtime is good for Bowling Green. My C8 is finally in the queue with a 3300 status and on overtime you can take the time needed to do a great job on a Car ordered last July. It’s the Blue 2LT with the Adrenaline Red interior and bright five open spoke wheels. Thanks for the assembly crews that had a pretty though year and are making American History with the first mid engine Corvette StingRay!

  2. Is it just me or after being on strike for months wouldn’t you want to be working and getting paid ? Or are these paid days off?

  3. I put my deposit down in December for a convertible. I was told I would have to reorder a 2021! My first corvette. My wife is buying it for my retirement present. I live in Indiana so I probably don’t want it in the winter anyway.

  4. IF WITH A SECOND SHIFT, people like me at 3000 status are looking at NOVEMBER 2020 for delivery…….10,000 people went 3000 status on March 17th…only 4150 card built, leaves another 16,000 to be build

  5. So you union cry-babies have been off for months with your strike and the virus and now you want to take a whole week off when the 2020 production is way behind? And in case none of you noticed, the 4th is Saturday, not Friday, hence FIVE days of production missed. I hope you union bums aren’t getting paid for sitting around for a week while thousands of people are waiting for their cars, but I bet you are, sad.

  6. Is GM ever going to re open their Corvette Concierge phone line so we might get individual status updates?

  7. I feel your pain Ronnie. But a lot of factories union or not shut down in July for maintenance. I’m sure this was negotiated in the contract and it was there before their last strike and before the virus. I’ve been waiting since March 2019 when I put my deposit down. And I’ve been bounced back to 3000 twice. Now sitting at 3300.
    P.S. concierge is a waste of time, just some people reading off a script.

  8. No pain here Jack, I have a C3 and a C6, not interested in the new thing that looks more like a Hot Wheels toy than a car. I just have a problem with the union concept where a bunch of lazy bums can tell management how to run the business and in this case they’ve had PLENTY of days off. Considering how long so many people have waited for their cars, GM could probably get around this one week shutdown by paying overtime, but maybe they just don’t care that much.

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