C5 Corvette Receives Modernized Makeover from Koenigsegg Designer on Instagram


C5 Corvette Receives Modernized Makeover from Koenigsegg Designer on Instagram

Photo Credit: esamust / Instagram

Everyone seems to be talking about the new mid-engine Corvette these days, and for good reason, but that doesn’t mean the previous seven generations have disappeared off the face of the planet.

Witness this C5 Corvette that’s been brought into the 21st century in a rendering by Koenigsegg designer Esa Mustonen.

We’ve always liked the fifth-generation Corvette, having owned three of them (including the same ’97 twice!) after making the trek in January 1997 for the official unveiling at the National Corvette Museum with my wife and then-4-year-old son.

A lot of things have changed over the past two decades-plus, including the addition of three more children into our family and a like number of new generations of Corvettes.

While we like the freshened-up look delivered in this rendering, we have to admit our first thought was of Lightning McQueen just before he nodded off for a long winter’s nap, not surprising since he was a tribute to the Corvettes of the ‘50s.

On the other hand, if you look at the rendering a little closer, you begin to appreciate the little details that make this look more like a modern supercar, including the updated pop-up headlights with LED strips showing. Also adding a more contemporary touch are the stacked LED parking lights on each side of the front end.

The roof shows a more pronounced double bubble look, and there almost appears to be a split right down the middle, with C3-inspired T-tops making a return perhaps?

Overall, we like the sleekness of the much lower roofline, though we’re not sure how practical that would be in the real world when the driver and passenger try to enter and exit.

Alas, the sketch is labeled as a weekend effort on the designer’s Instagram page, so we aren’t treated to side and rear views that would have consumed more time to produce. We’d be interested to see how he handled the back of the C5, which has been criticized by some in the past as being too big. Perhaps he’ll follow up with another weekend effort to handle that.

So what’s your view of this updated C5? Better left as it was in the past or go ahead and turn into a hit in the 21st century?

esamust / Instagram

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