[PICS] Inspired By A Fighter Jet, This 2020 Corvette Now Looks Like One


[PICS] Inspired By A Fighter Jet, This 2020 Corvette Now Looks Like One

Chevy’s designers on the C8 Corvette will tell you that they found much inspiration for the mid-engine’s design from our military’s fighter jets. The interior of the car is oriented around the driver much like that of a pilot and even the frunk’s zig-zag panel design reminds us of a stealth bomber.

We love to see how owners are using creative wraps on their Corvettes, and those that are military-themed are some of our favorites. Recently, we spotted this 2020 Corvette wrapped up to resemble a fighter jet from Stanceautoworks via Instagram.

Fiasal Rahman is the owner of the 2020 Corvette Z51 Coupe. The Corvette came to him originally in Arctic White and once he got it back in March, he immediately began with the modifications. With a nitrous kit was installed, he was able to pull a 10.9-second quarter mile. Then he had a titanium exhaust system custom-built for the C8! You can take a listen to it here:

And now the 2020 Corvette has gone full fighter jet with this fantastic looking wrap. From the riveted panels to the American Flag showing through the battle scars, it’s a great tribute to those who defend American from the air.

Here is what Faisal wrote when posted the pics:

I cant thank everyone enough that has been involved in this build from day one. This car has evolved so fast, in such a short time, due to the amazing sponsors that we have on board. Check out this insane transformation by @rennspecind they took my idea and brang it to life. @ticonindustries and @tt347gt killed the fab on the full titanium exhaust. @hp.motorsports_ has been a blessing with the support on the mechanical and @nitrousoutlet for supplying the parts for the dope to run threw this America muscle car veins.

So what do you think of this jet-inspired 2020 Corvette? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. This C8 can be customized or individualized jsut the same in so many ways. Titanium exhausts are my favorite performance mod for purely performance because it can be fully tuned for performance and weighs the least. Porsche has used lighter weight to give its competition heart palpitations for decades. Leave it to the owners of the C8 to start their own weight reduction plan and at the same time, breath a little more performance into the motor. The wrap is definitely something that is different. I myself over the last several days mentioned that the Corvette design team obviously took inspiration from the Skunk works with several of the planes including the F117 Stealth Fighter; the stealth bomber with zero losses over Iraq during bombing runs. Enemy radar couldn’t see it. Soon, the competition will have a difficult time seeing the C8 out front and down the track. Just look at these mods!

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