[PIC] Somebody Thought Wrapping a C8 Corvette with ‘Jeffy’ Was a Good Idea


[PIC] Somebody Thought Wrapping a C8 Corvette with 'Jeffy' Was a Good Idea

Photo Credit: Cody Paiz

Say hi to Jeffy, a C8 Corvette with a lot of attitude.

You can have all the money in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have good taste. I’ve always said that a new Corvette is a blank canvas that allows the owner to customize to their rides to their heart’s content. However, this wrap on a C8 Corvette elicits a very loud “NO” for me.

I can appreciate fine craftsmanship though, and the way the pencil lines up to the front fascia as it does is pure artistry.

The photo of this Corvette Stingray comes from Cody Paiz and it was posted to the C8 Corvette group on Facebook.

Looking at the pickup truck in the background, I spy a Florida license plate. Could it be that “Jeffy” is owned by a Florida Man? If that’s the case, then it all makes sense…



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  1. I think I may have heard of Jeffy, but that’s about it. My kids, long since out of the house. Good thing I didn’t think he had a hockey stick up his nose instead of a #2 Pencil. As far as what I think of it and what my initial impression was when I saw this “wrap” I thought that mixing this sort of comment or taste with this sort of car didn’t make a lot of sense to me. But having observed Art over time, I also recall that a print done by Andy Warhol of a Campbell’s soup can, went for a lot of money. Thus apparently, there really are, “Different strokes for different folks,” whether we like it or not. I have not seen Jeffy applied as of yet to an Aston Martin; A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud/Spur; a Shelby Cobra; a Lambo nor a Ferrari. One would have to talk to the person who figured out that they wanted this done to get their take on this and you also would have to accept whatever they told you as the truth. Freedom of speech means that there is very little off limits in the, “…rolling billboard/motorized propelled aspect of sports cars, motorized transport and…”Hey, look at me!?” trends in the 21st Century in what is now the 2nd, “Roaring 20’s.” AF

  2. It’s not my car, so go right a head and wrap your car ant way you want. The jeffy wrap is still better than chevy dudes wrap.

  3. The owner is Logan. He is the man who created Jeffy and also still runs his YouTube.
    Also you are correct he lives here in Pensacola Florida

  4. Just saw the car today in Pensacola. First C8 that I see on the road, and it is this thing! Geez….

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