[VIDEO] Watch this 2020 Corvette Receive a Custom Wrap and Graphics


[VIDEO] Watch this 2020 Corvette Receive a Custom Wrap and Graphics

We always like to think about Corvettes as a canvas that can be customized by their owners into the rolling pieces of artwork. And while a successful customization is always in the eye of the beholder, we love to see the creativity that Corvette owners work on their rides.

We are new to the videos from this youtuber, but we do love the new matte red wrap that he put over an Arctic White 2020 Corvette Stingray. But here’s the kicker…the car was ordered with the dual racing stripes, and as the car is being prepped for wrap, those stripes were removed. As they are just vinyl, they do come right off.

From 650ib via YouTube:

I drove my brand new 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray to Rehab Detailing for a custom exterior wrap. They did and AMAZING job using KPMF ‘Iced Red Titanium’ and ‘Morpheus Black’ custom vinyl wrap!


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  1. World’s Best? You’ve got to be kidding. The wrap shows absolutely no imagination. A 6th. grader could have done better

  2. The lengths some people will go, to make their paint look DULL is beyond me. Just buy a car that has been left outside for 20 years, you’ll save yourself a fortune. I’m sure GM is not impressed.

  3. You tasteless Guys why don’t you all take those negative comments and take a nap – this car looks very impressive!

  4. The dull finish is not what a Corvette should look like, maybe a rat rod but not a Vette. Shoulda got torch red at factory then wrapped stripes on

  5. I usually don’t comment on anything ever, but the 2020 I ordered is our 11th, and I’ve written several Corvette Restoration Books several years ago. So I’m all in on Corvettes and I’m all for personalizing your own Vette, but when I saw this, I just wanted to shoot somebody…..anybody. Who puts a red wrap on a car that could have been ordered red…….GEEEEEEEEE I want to throw up.

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