[ACCIDENT] A White C4 Corvette Involved in a Single Car Crash in New Jersey


[ACCIDENT] A White C4 Corvette Involved in a Single Car Crash in New Jersey

Photo Credit: ocnjdaily.com

The front end of this late-fourth generation white Corvette suffered extensive damage in a Saturday afternoon crash in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Reports on ocnjdaily.com don’t really say if another vehicle was involved in the accident, but if we had to guess, we’d say the driver might have just lost control and smashed into one of the traffic signal poles at the intersection of Ninth Street and Bay Avenue, at the foot of the Route 52 Causeway bridge into Ocean City. Based on the puffy clouds in the blue sky above the Corvette, the weather obviously wasn’t a factor.

No one was hurt in the crash, according to Police Department spokesman Lt. Pat Randles, the traffic was backed up for about an hour during the investigation before the scene was cleared.


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  1. From the folding of the hood, it looks like it hit something rather flat like a wall or another car, not a round pole.

  2. Crashing into a round pole would not cause that front-end damage. More like “Hit and Run”.

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