QUICK SHIFTS: Future C8s, Banshee History, Four-Rotor C8 Project, Harley Earl WWII Manuals, Dream Cruise is On, and More!


QUICK SHIFTS: Future C8s, Banshee History, Four-Rotor C8 Project, Harley Earl WWII Manuals, Dream Cruise is On, and More!

Welcome to Quick Shifts! Quick Shifts is a content feature here at CorvetteBlogger featuring links to Corvette and automotive-related stories of interest. This weekend’s reading and viewing material includes a look ahead at the C8 Z06, the Pontiac Banshee, a Rotary-Powered C8, Harley Earl’s WWII pilot training manual, the Dream Cruise, Toyota killing its V8s, and a 100-year-old comparison test.


This month’s Car and Driver was there annual “cars with waiting for” issue. The cover car was their idea of what the C8 Z06 will look like from the front. Inside they detailed what to expect from the hotly anticipated mid-engine Corvette variant complete with the best render that we’ve seen so far. Now all of that great info has been posted to their site. What really stood out is how non-speculative all of their wordage is; like they are certain that the Z will have the C8.R-derived atmospheric, DOHC, flat-plane-crank engine that we have been dreaming of. Even more impressive is that they wrote it all long before this week’s big leak.

Car and Driver

Photo Credit: Car and Driver


This week we also detailed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is just waiting to be seized. The lone example of Pontiac’s Banshee I is up for grabs at a Kia Dealership right now! Our buddies over at Hagerty actually got to drive the C3 precursor. Read about their drive along with an outstanding history of John DeLorean’s quest to greenlight a beautiful Pontiac sports car right here.

1964 Pontiac Banshee


Next up, we have a great piece from Motor1 where they detail a madman’s four-rotor C8 project. The madman in question is Wankel Engine expert, Rob Dahm who can be seen in this older clip explaining how “The Spinning Dorito” works as a prequel for those who are unfamiliar with how the rotary engine works. If all of this sounds vaguely familiar to your Corvette-Aficionado brain, Motor1 does a good job refreshing that memory with a quick history lesson on XP-882, the Aerovette, which, once again, heavily features Mr. Delorean as a key player. Check out the story by following this link or watch the video here:


Back to Hagerty and a legendary GM executive with our fourth gear story about Harley Earl’s work on a WWII pilot training manual. It is an outstanding story with really cool illustrations from the manual that hits a little closer to home during our current, strange, slightly reminiscent of war time, pandemic. We give this one a “must-read” rating!

Harley Earl WWII Manual

Photo Credit: Hagerty.com


The Detroit Free Press brings some good news to fifth gear this week! They are reporting that, unlike every other event that we can think of, the Woodward Dream Cruise is going to continue as scheduled! We will see if the organizers’ stance holds up in the coming months but as of now, the cruise is a go for August 15th. If they do proceed and things aren’t significantly better by then, it will be an interesting case study, to say the least. As the only show in town, it could either bring record crowds, or maybe folks will still be safe at home and the whole thing will look like it was actually canceled. Read the full story on freep.com.

C8 Photo Larry Smith

Photo Credit: Steve Burns


Last week’s sixth gear detailed Ford’s decision to put their best engine out to pasture for the 2021 model year. This week, The Drive is reporting another group of V8 casualties. This time it is Toyota that will be phasing out all of their examples, including the excellent, naturally aspirated 5.0 found in the Lexus RC-F, LC500, and GS-F. Even if none of these cars really float your boat, it is a bit of a downer every time a manufacturer decides to downsize and turbocharge (or “Ecoboost” if you will) as a replacement for the greatest engine layout in the history of internal combustion. Read about it here and if you want a V8 Land Cruiser, you’ve only got three years left to snag a new one!

Toyota V8 Engine

Photo Credit: The Drive


We are going to take you further back in time than we ever have for Reverse this week with the help of our friends at Automobile. They did a fascinating comparison test of 100-year-old cars this week. The contenders in this gas v. electric showdown are Ford’s iconic Model T and a Detroit Electric Model 90 Coupe. This is one of the most unique head to heads that we’ve seen on a car site for a long time and we hope you enjoy it!

Model T and a Detroit Electric Model 90 Coupe

Photo Credit: Brandon Lim

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  2. The Woodward Dream Cruise is a must for Detroit! It has a huge economic impact on the city. They already lost the auto show they cannot afford to lose this too! August is still months away, hopefully everything will go ahead as planned.

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