QUICK SHIFTS: Assembly Plant Rumors, C8 vs Carrera S, Tommy Milner, Engine Mods, Mustang Day, DeMuro C5 Review


QUICK SHIFTS: Assembly Plant Rumors, C8 vs Carrera S, Tommy Milner, Engine Mods, Mustang Day, DeMuro C5 Review

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

Welcome back to Quick Shifts which is returning after a two-week hiatus. Quick Shifts is a content feature here at CorvetteBlogger featuring links to Corvette and automotive-related stories of interest. This weekend’s reading and viewing material includes a delay for the C8 Convertible, new Stingray vs. new 911, at-home interviews with Corvette greats, ProCharger’s C8 plans, a midyear buyers guide, the Mustang turning 56, and more.


We shall begin with a pair of stories that see Coronavirus and Corvette news cycles intersect. The first of the pair is a report from Motor1 that details the limited amount of 2020 customer cars that Bowling Green was able to assemble before the COVID-19 related showdown. The number they came up with is under 2,700 units, so count yourself extremely lucky if you are currently in position of a mid-engine Corvette because there are more than 35,000 people out there who thought they would be in the same boat by now! Read the whole piece here.

The pandemic may also claim the planned run of 2020 Corvette Convertibles. According to Hagerty, Chevrolet may have to pull the plug on first-year C8 ‘verts, forcing the body style into a 2021 debut. Get the full story on Hagerty.com.

2020 Corvette on the Assembly Line

Photo Credit: Chevrolet


Automobile’s All-Stars and their slow-release of content are back on this page for something like the 18th time this year. Their C8 vs. Lambo article got a standalone shout out from us, but now their C8 tester meets a more natural enemy in the also all-new 992 generation Porsche 911. See how the contest played out on Automobilemag.com.

C8 Corvette vs Porsche 911 Carrera S

Photo Credit: Automobilemag.com


Isolation Interviews! Publications all over the world are getting creative with their at-home reporting. SportsCar365 has a look at the sim racing set-up of Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner to go along with a great print-review. Read about how Milner is passing time in his zoo of a home:

Tommy Milner

Photo Credit: Tommy Milner


We have been covering a lot of tuners who are trying to extract the maximum amount of power from the C8 lately. Here is another story in that same vein; ProCharger is currently developing a Stingray supercharger kit that should be good for about 700 HP, a gain of around 200 ponies (40%) from stock. Check out the whole run-down here.

In other interesting ‘Vette engine news, you have got to see Haltech’s latest monstrosity, a 9.7L, LS-based quad-turbo V12! Get your project Corvette ready for this one!

HotRod also chronicled a couple of interesting small block builds since the last time we ran a Quick Shifts column. First, they have instructions on how to stroke an LS3 to make 600+ HP. Next, they chronicle the 632ci small-block in extremely interesting fashion and, once again, they include instructions on how to build your own.

Procharger C8 Corvette Supercharger

Photo Credit: Procharger


Final Corvette musings.

We don’t always post content from overseas, but when we do, we prefer EVO. The UK-based vehicle outlet posted their C8 driving impressions and it is really fun to hear Steve Sutcliffe and his accent just gushing about the new ‘Vette’s greatness (as opposed to what we are used to hearing about America’s Sports Car from a certain former Top Gear presenter).

Fifth gear concludes with a new buyer’s guide for midyear ‘Vettes, again from Hagerty. If you are in the market for one of the most significant and desirable American cars in history (or just crave entertainment) give it a look by clicking here.


CorvetteBlogger would like to wish a Happy 56th Birthday to America’s second most iconic sporty vehicle, the Ford Mustang. The ‘Stang debuted on April 17, 1964 at the World’s Fair in New York. Car and Driver posted a cool look back at the first time a pony car ever found itself printed on the pages of their legendary magazine. According to Motor Trend though, the celebration is going to be a bit of a somber one. According to leaked Blue Oval line-up documents for next year, the Bullitt trim level will be stepping aside to make room for the return of the Mach 1. Kind of a wash there, but absent from the documents were any mention of the most tempting Ford product since the ’05-’06 GT. Nothing is official but it appears as if the Shelby GT350 and its screaming 8,250 RPM Voo-Doo engine appear to be on the last leg of their production run. Any time the world loses a great and unique car like the 350 and 350R, it is a sad day, no matter which company builds it. RIP to the NA Shelby!

Ford Mustangs

Photo Credit: Ford


We have a complicated relationship with the “YouTuber” community. So many of them have questionable car-guy (or gal) credentials and seem to only care about getting clicks and likes, at any cost. One amateur videographer that is guaranteed to pass the enthusiast eye-test every time though, is Doug DeMuro. We have already featured his outstanding C8 walk-around/review and for this week’s reverse gear, we would like to turn back the clock to 2002, when the formula for a top-of-the-line ‘Vette stuck to the fundamentals; get the car as light as possible, stiffen the suspension a bit and add power. Here is Doug on the C5 Z06, enjoy and have a great weekend, Corvette Nation!

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