[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Z51 Tips, Tricks, Modes, and Launch Control


[VIDEO] 2020 Corvette Z51 Tips, Tricks, Modes, and Launch Control

CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn has been spending much of his lockdown time learning about his new 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 coupe and today he brings us a new video sharing some more tips and tricks he has found like how to put the car into service mode.

Jeremy also admits to struggling with the launch control early on and it’s a mistake we’ve seen others make on YouTube as well. He shows us exactly what he was doing wrong and how to get those sub 3.0 0-60 mph launches.

From Jeremy Welborn via YouTube

In this video, I talk about how to enter the service mode, SD card size, and Launch Control (tips, what modes Launch Control is available in) and try my first 0-60 runs and an attempted peel out.

Jeremy Welborn / YouTube

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  1. I think the Launch control feature was something that Chevy and the tire companies got together on, for them to be able to sell more tires LOL

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