National Corvette Museum Launches Two Free Educational Video Series


National Corvette Museum Launches Two Free Educational Video Series

This week the National Corvette Museum is rolling out two new video series for Corvette lovers of all ages and the first videos are ready to be viewed as soon as today.

The first series of videos are aimed primarily at school-age kids and are designed to educate and entertain with various topics related to the Corvette, the NCM and other automotive points of interest. These ‘Vettecademy” videos will be debuting each weekday morning on the Corvette Museum’s Facebook page and YouTube channels, as well as on a special page dedicated to the Vettecademy at

“Many museums across the country are offering free virtual content to stay engaged with their audience while attracting from new fans,” said Dr. Sean Preston, President and CEO of the National Corvette Museum. “As a nonprofit foundation, our mission is to educate the public. We developed these videos to not only provide educational content, but also be entertaining and engaging.”

So far three new videos in the Vettecademy series have been shared. The first episode is on Corvette Generations. The second video looks at the famous NCM Sinkhole, and the third video features a topic called “ME-chanics” and it shows how to change a tire on a vehicle.

The second new series of Corvette videos from the NCM is what really has our motor running. ‘Fully Vetted’ will debut this afternoon and features a deep dive into the history of the Corvette with NCM curator Derek E. Moore and Museum Media Coordinator Bob Bubnis.

“Our Fully Vetted series is designed to provide a digital touch-point to Corvette fans worldwide while also offering educational and entertaining content for those wanting to soak up as much Corvette information as possible,” shared Sean. “Derek and Bob will share in-depth stories, the lore behind the brand, and a behind the scenes view of America’s Sports Car.”

The NCM tells us that the ‘Fully Vetted’ series was originally planned to be a subscription service but they have since decided to offer it as free content. “We decided to give the content away as a ‘thank you’ to those who have supported the Museum, but definitely welcome tax-deductible donations to help us continue providing educational content through these challenging times,” added Sean.

New episodes of ‘Fully Vetted’ will appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 4pm CT. The series will be available on exclusively and Museum members will need to login to their NCM accounts to view the videos. Non-members of the NCM can also create a free account on the NCM website to watch the new videos as well.

The first episode is now available and it looks at the life and work of GM’s first design chief and father of the Corvette, Harley J. Earl.

We’ve been aware of the video series in the making for some time now and are very excited about the prospects of learning more about Corvette’s history and the special cars from those who were involved from the beginning.

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  1. Minor point on the Episode 1 video “Generations” — after they started talking about the C3 generation the video showed an image of a C2 Corvette. That C2 image should be replaced with an image of a ’68 Corvette, the first of the C3 generation, as the video then switches to an image of what looks like an ’82 Corvette, the last of the C3 generation.

  2. Also regarding the C3, it ran for 15 years, not “14”.
    The calculation is 1968 through 1982, inclusive of each year. So the subtraction should be 1983 (the first year “after” the C3 ended production) minus 1968, the first year of production.
    1983-1968 = 15 years
    Good gracious 🙂

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