[VIDEO] The First Production 2020 Corvettes Have Left the Assembly Plant!


[VIDEO] The First Production 2020 Corvettes Have Left the Assembly Plant!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for just took place at 8:35 p.m. CST today, March 4, 2020! I was able to capture these screenshots and video from the National Corvette Museum’s exterior webcams just moments ago. The screenshot is not very good being a night shot, but I have included it to document the exact time of the initial departure. The video I captured for you, however, clearly shows the transports carrying Corvettes down the road headed toward I-65. The initial departure appears to have been four auto transporters.

We started hearing rumblings that today would finally be the day for the first deliveries to roll out of Bowling Green. Several members on the Corvette Forum reported talking to the Corvette Concierge and were told that cars would be shipping today.

[VIDEO] The First Production 2020 Corvettes Have Left the Assembly Plant!

The 2020 Corvette I have on order had the shipping destination status showing as “Null” until today. This afternoon it was updated to Bowling Green KY National Corvette Museum!

It’s a great day for Corvette and for those who will be taking delivery of their 2020 Corvettes in the coming days. Thank you to everyone on the Corvette Team and at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant for making all of this possible. I can’t wait to pick mine up at the National Corvette Museum!

Now that the sun has come up, the auto transports with the 2020 Corvettes are now easier to see as this webcam at the Corvette Museum captures a shipment heading south on I65:

[VIDEO] The First Production 2020 Corvettes Have Left the Assembly Plant!

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  1. Wow amazing news! I’m #452 so I’m hoping it will come in this week since mine is part of the first wave.

  2. This is wonderful. To know that these trucks are likely taking some corvettes to the Corvette museum for the first standard customer deliveries is awesome. They will be on the road. I worry that a fiction writer will come up with Pirates holding up owners for their Corvettes in some sort of strange Dr. No style clandestine effort with Corvettes disappearing down a rabbit hole. That is just paranoia from one who can’t wait for the months to unfold so that obtaining one of these wonders, might just become a reality. step one: put down a deposit. I did that. Next step. Joining a tremendous number of Corvette fans waiting for their notice that their car was built and that a VIN is associated with it.

  3. There is a Chevrolet dealer in Tennessee that has had one on the show room floor for several days, How did he get one so early or was the announced shipping late??????

  4. I saw a caravan of the new Corvette weeks ago?? Im confused I even have video, they had Michigan plates.
    Pictures on my Instagram

  5. none of those Corvettes will be going to the NCM as that camera is pointed toward the ramp to I65 N/S….but soon I would hope.

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