[STOLEN] Someone Stole the Wheels Off A New 2020 Corvette in Detroit


[STOLEN] Someone Stole the Wheels Off A new 2020 Corvette in Detroit

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

Attention, potential customers for the new mid-engine 2020 Corvette:

You might want to consider checking that box for the optional wheel locks.

The owner of this C8 Corvette (i.e., General Motors) apparently skimped on those said wheel locks, and the car wound up on blocks minus the tires and wheels.

Car and Driver says they received this photo that shows the forlorn Stingray in a Detroit neighborhood known as the West Village.

The magazine jokingly points out that anyone looking for a set of C8 wheels and tires at a cheap discount might want to check Craigslist in Detroit.

The theft is really no joking matter since the thieves left the rear end of the Corvette resting on the ground and may have damaged the car in the process.

Car and Driver is taking a poll of its readers, asking “Who do you blame for this? The criminals for stealing the tires or The driver for street-parking the car.”

So far, the thieves are getting more than two-thirds of the blame.

Car and Driver features one other photo of this sad Corvette in their article so go check it out and if you really feel like crying, MotorTrend is sharing a walk around video.


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  1. Hmmmmm…. Maybe Ford’s secret plan to keep C8’s off the road??? Nawwww it couldn’t be, could it???

  2. It’s amazing the mentality (or lack of) of folks who blame this on the driver rather than the criminal thugs doing the stealing.

  3. Racerboy, if you think parking an expensive sports car in the street is a good idea this incident proves otherwise. Jay Leno always said, if can’t find a safe place to park an expensive or classic car you go home!

  4. Why were they not alerted by the Alarm system? Do they not have these features on the EXP cars?

  5. Years ago, wheel locks used to be standard equipment on all Corvettes, and they still should be. GM’s decision to make them optional was irresponsible, greedy and stupid.

  6. Doubt any alarm would have stopped this. Another reason I friggen hate people. Love the vettes but hate people.

  7. My C6 (Z06) has to be jacked up in a certain way. Will bet the C8 sitting on one block on each side has some unseen damage. As for blame, this GM employee that’s obviously involved in testing prototype cars must have absolutely ZERO common sense.

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