[STOLEN] Memphis Firefighter has Wheels Stolen from C6 Corvette While on Emergency Call


[STOLEN] Memphis Firefighter has Wheels Stolen from C6 Corvette While on Emergency Call

Too bad Elvis isn’t around to fix this…

One of the saddest sights for an auto enthusiast is seeing any car stripped of its wheels and left sitting on blocks.

It’s even sadder when the car in question is a C6 Corvette.

That’s what happened last Thursday in the dead of night when Memphis firefighter Huggie Jones had the tires stolen from his silver coupe – while it was sitting outside a fire station on Elvis Presley Boulevard, no less!

The King must be rolling over in his grave to see how crime has taken over his hometown!

Jones said he saw the car with all four tires at 3:30 a.m. Thursday, but three hours later, it was sitting on a cinder block with no tires and wheels in sight.

“How would you feel if it was your stuff? You worked hard to get something you want, then you come home and someone has taken it,” Jones said.

Apparently Jones didn’t have wheel locks on his Corvette, a move strongly suggested by the Memphis Police Department.

The same kind of theft happened to this writer a few years ago while my dad’s 1970 Impala was having its engine rebuilt. The bright spot for me, as it should be for this firefighter, is that at least they didn’t take the whole car!

The firefighter’s dilemma came to light after Memphis Fire Fighters Association Local 1784 posted a photo of the stripped car on its Facebook page, commenting that “It’s sad when a firefighter protecting the community can’t park their vehicle at the station without having this happen.”


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