Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park Will Offer Driver’s Club Memberships (Updated)


Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Will Offer Driver's Club Memberships

Photo Credit: Tom Stacy

With the first of the mid-engine Corvettes slated to hit the streets of America in just a few weeks, we’re sure the just-announced Driving Club being offered at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Ky., will be a big hit.

No doubt, there will be a lot of enthusiasts eager to let their new 2020 Stingrays stretch their muscles on what has become one of North America’s most popular road courses.

“We are really excited to be able to offer and facilitate this new program that we have been asked about since before the track was even finished,” says Matt Busby, Operations Manager of the NCM Motorsports Park. “The Driving Club opens up numerous opportunities for our die-hard track enthusiasts to take advantage of getting more out of the NCM Motorsports Park as well as our partners.”

Members – both Individual and Corporate/Group – are guaranteed at least 30 Driving Club days each calendar year as well as additional benefits and social gatherings. Individual membership includes spouses and unmarried children under 26, while Corporate/Group membership allows for up to four individuals.

For individuals:

  • 32 Member-Only Driving Days
  • Access to New Driver Coaching*
  • *Private Coaching with resident Pro-Driver Andy Pilgrim available for an additional fee.
  • Access to Member-Only Hospitality Area
  • Access to Member-Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Member-Only eNewsletter
  • Access to Member-Only Socials
  • On-Site Concierge Maintenance Available for Additional Fee(s)*
  • *Oil change, tire mounting, etc.
  • 3 Guest Driver Passes Per Year*
  • *Additional Guest(s) may pay $350 per day.
  • 10 Karting Passes Per Year

For Corporate/Group:

The benefits are the same as those listed above for Individuals but also include Listing on Website Linked to Business, Display Plaque for Your Business, and Discount on Facility Rental Meeting Space.

Annual membership fees for the Driver’s Club are $3,500 for the individual membership, and corporate memberships start at $7,000. Both plans have one-time initiation fees of $3,500 and $10,000 respectively.

To get more information about this new program or apply for membership, contact Justin Carnes at (270) 777-4509 or email [email protected]

NCM Motorsports Park Operations Manager Matt Busby uses this episode of Track Tuesday to talk about the new Driver’s Club at the NCM MSP:

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  1. Driver‘s Club Membership Initiation fee and annual dues are extremely high. unless you live in the area to use the days frequency it is not worth it. If the days were grouped two and three at a time, it would be interesting…but Still way too high.

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