The Price of a C8 Corvette in Australia May Be Lower Than Expected


The Price of a C8 Corvette in Australia May Be Lower Than Expected

Be thankful you live in the United States if you’re a fan of the new C8 Corvette Stingray.

While GM has made no secret that it hopes to sell a lot more mid-engine Stingrays overseas than ever before, that privilege won’t come cheap off American soil.

A source has told that the upcoming 2020 mid-engine Corvette – being offered for the first time in Australia, or anywhere for that matter, with right-hand drive – may not cost as much as once feared there.

Of course, General Motors hasn’t confirmed any of the following, but says a “senior source in the know” has told them the price in Australia will be “considerably less” than the rumored $170,000.

In fact, the 2020 Corvette could even be priced below $150,000 “which would make the Corvette extremely strong value,” the website points out.

Considering that the new Stingray comes in at just $59,995 in the United States, that still sounds awfully high to us, until you consider the price of the competition and what they deliver in the Land Down Under.

For example, Australians will pay $178,680 for the new Porsche Cayman GTS, a direct competitor of the C8, and for those big bucks they will get only 395 horsepower/310 ft-lb of torque, compared to the Corvette’s much higher 495 horsepower/470 ft-lb of torque. believes that GM may be using the same strategy as Toyota, which floated a price of $40,000 before launching its 86 and then delivering it at a much lower $29,990.

That website also has been told by its “senior source” that GM’s VP of Global Design Mike Simcoe will drive the first right-hand-drive Corvette ever produced by the factory before it’s shipped to Australia. Wonder what that one will sell for to a collector, based on the $3 million that VIN 001 brought at Barrett-Jackson on Saturday?


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