[VIDEO] OnStar Thinks Andy Pilgrim Crashes a Corvette ZR1 During a Hot Lap


[VIDEO] OnStar Thinks Andy Pilgrim Crashes a Corvette ZR1 During a Hot Lap

Former Corvette Racing driver and Hall of Famer Andy Pilgrim is no stranger to going fast at the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park. It was back in May that he set the Grand Full Course record in a yellow Corvette ZR1 with a time of 2:05.59.

Automobile Magazine posted a video of Andy once again behind the wheel of a Corvette Racing Yellow ZR1 and this time he has a slightly different experience as his run is interrupted not once but twice after his aggressive driving of the 755-horsepower ZR1 triggers calls from OnStar inquiring if he is all right:

As he brakes from 148 mph to set up his entry into Turn 1, an operator from General Motors’ OnStar emergency-assistance service is heard on the line. The system was apparently triggered back in the tight S-turns entering the front straight after its virtual brain fired a signal to say all is not right and Pilgrim must need help. To our driver’s credit—and demonstrating just one of the differences between top professional racers and good track-day amateurs—he never lifts or loses concentration, dispatching the OnStar rep and continuing on his merry hot lap. That is, until he flicks the Corvette into the left-hand Turn 13 at 90 mph, at which point we again hear another call from a concerned OnStar operator.

Automobile Magazine

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  1. Just one more reason that I am glad that I disabled OnStar the day I got my Corvette home from the dealer.

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