[RUMOR] Were These C8 Corvette Drivers Busted for Street Racing?


[RUMOR] Were These C8 Corvette Drivers Busted for Street Racing?

Photo Credit: CorvetteForum.com

As we rolled through the Corvette Forum’s C8 section Friday morning, a post titled “Errrrrr Road Racing C8s Busted???” by one of the moderators caught our attention! According to the post, two C8 engineers were allegedly busted in Kentucky for street racing. The drivers were arrested and the cars were towed.

Supporting the rumor is a photo of a White (or Ceramic Matrix Gray) Stingray Z51 Coupe on the back of a flatbed trailer. The flatbed as a 270 area code that covers the Bowling Green area. A caption on the photo suggested the drivers were busted for doing 120 mph in a 45 mph zone.

I’m all for testing out the capabilities of the C8 Corvette, and while I could see driving a few ticks over the speed limit, but going that fast in a 40 mph zone is pretty reckless. Unfortunately, this could be the kind of this that can cost you your career at the automaker.

On the plus side, we see that the C8 Corvettes can be transported via flatbed (which is not a surprise) but our question is did the operator use the Front End Lift or the board method to raise the front end high enough not to scrape the splitter. I know, so many questions!

Automobilemag.com has confirmed the incident took place on the evening of Wednesday, January 8, on Lovers Lane in Bowling Green. The website has also named the two engineers that were arrested. We wonder if one of the cars involved was one of those in this group photo that also featured a White Corvette Coupe with Trident wheels.

The magazine also published the following quote from a GM representative: “We are aware of an incident involving our test vehicles and are currently investigating,”GM noted in a statement provided to Automobile. “Safety remains our overriding priority at General Motors. We have no further comment at this time.”

Apparently, the arresting officer posted this photo/caption to SnapChat during the traffic stop:

[RUMOR] Were These C8 Corvette Drivers Busted for Street Racing?

CorvetteForum.com and AutomobileMag.com

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  1. The Kentucky State Troopers are obviously trying to make a name for themselves but I don’t think they actually thought it would be “Plenty Stupid”!!!!!

  2. Kentucky State Troopers have an amiable relationship with Corvette Nation, and are usually tolerant of Corvette drivers.
    Examples of that relationship are: KST help with Anniversary events, Michelin Bash events, The NCM supports Trooper Island, etc.
    These guys street racing we over and above what was and is tolerable.
    The relationship between KST and NCM / Corvette Factory can only go so far, and no one should put excessive stress on that relationship.
    What ever the disciplinary action, they deserve it.
    Go to the NCM MSP you numskulls.

  3. Oops?? My bad. I guess this happens when you can buy all these different super-cars. And so what?? The only downside is they got caught. Bummer.

  4. I’d certainly question their judgement street racing one of the most photographed high profile cars of our times in the town where auto mag photographers and writers have taken up semi permanent residence in the Bowling Green hotels to see who can get the best story. Yeah Automobile Magazine, boo two guys who wished they’d only trusted Motor Trend’s articles and left the racing to the track.

  5. Dummies. If they wanted to go flat-out, there is a stretch on I-24 between Cadiz, KY and exit 4 on the TN side where they could have [unofficially] done so. My soon-to-be-traded-in BMW 335is likes to clear her throat on this particular autobahn from time to time.

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