[VIDEO] Black 2020 Corvette Is Pulled Over by Unmarked Police in a Mustang in Louisville


[VIDEO] Black 2020 Corvette Is Pulled Over by Unmarked Police in a Mustang in Louisville

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”, says the police officer to the driver of the 2020 Corvette.

“Because I let you?” replies the Corvette driver…

It’s an old meme but a good meme as the kids say…

The black 2020 Corvette Stingray was pulled over Labor Day weekend in Louisville, KY on I-65 which, coincidently, is the route that the Corvette engineers would be taking back to Detroit following the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. And because these are the Corvette Team engineers driving and not the regular “data loggers”, we would expect them to drive a bit more spirited occasionally. It is a Corvette after all…

The original video comes from “Patrick” on Facebook according to the Chevy Dude Mike Davenport who shared the brief clip on his YouTube channel. Mike says this could be the first time a 2020 Corvette has been pulled over by the po-po and you can bet it won’t be the last.

Mike says the following on his youtube description:

I 265 East Lousiville Ky. Unmarked Ford Mustang driven by LMPD officer pulls over 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray.

Chevy Dude / YouTube

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  1. I have a license plate frame saying “you are passing me because I am letting you” Kinda fits this scenario. Mustangs don’t to lose to Vettes no matter what, right???

  2. I’m pulling you over because your new Chevy is blowing through so much oil it’s all over my windshield.

  3. I’m pulling you over cause I wanted to see what type of moron buys a 1st yr new car!? (be it a vett or any other car)..

  4. I do believe police cars,by law must be identified as such.Doesnt matter what state you are in…… personally…. I’m a Mustang guy.

  5. Could have been a criminal with a gun pulling him over too and the Corvette driver wouldn’t know because the Mustang is unmarked. Dangerous and stupid.

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