[VIDEO] Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin Nominated for FIA Action of the Year Award


[VIDEO] Corvette Racing's Oliver Gavin Nominated for FIA Action of the Year Award

Photo by Richard Prince for Chevy Racing

As the FIA motorsport sanctioning body held their end of the year awards ceremony, they are also sharing some of the best track action videos from the various series ranging from Formula One to Karting. Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin was nominated by the FIA for their “Action of the Year Award” in the World Endurance Championship GT at Le Mans.

Gavin was behind the wheel of the Corvette Racing Yellow C7.R when the action starts up. A number of GTE class competitors are bunched together and soon it was a three-way battle with the No. 82 BMW M8 GTE and the No. 68 Ford GT. But also in the mix was a Porsche 911 and Ferrari 488.

From the FIA via YouTube:

So I was hoping to get everyone to start voting but the only link posted was to their facebook messenger? I tried to find some rules from the FIA, but as Fehan warns, they are French and therefore everything is more difficult than it should be. Mon dieu! If someone figures it out, let us know. Otherwise, just enjoy the moment.

How about we give a shout-out to Oliver Gavin for making that whole sequence look easy. And it’s pretty cool that a Corvette Racing driver was selected despite the team being entered in only two WEC races in 2019.


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  1. Oliver is a great driver and deserving of the recognition – unfortunately for this video, the soundtrack (can’t call it music) totally SUCKS!!

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