There are Some Insane Deals on New C7 Corvettes Out There!


There are Some Insane Deals on New C7 Corvettes Out There!

The entire automotive world is currently wrapped up in C8 fever which is completely understandable. The amount of performance that you get for the Stingray’s $60,000 base price is unheard of! Unfortunately, extremely high demand has led to a marketplace where certain dealerships are adding premiums to their asking price, allocations can be difficult to come by, and the UAW strike has led to longer wait times for the first-ever mid-engine Corvette.

We would like to remind anyone who is frustrated by these developments that there are still thousands of new examples of the greatest front-engine Corvette ever made just sitting in showrooms and on lots, looking for their first loving owners. These captivating cars are available for immediate delivery and the majority of them can be had for thousands of dollars under MSRP. Below are a few of the most compelling C7 specimens that we could find.

If you thought the C8’s price was great, wait until you read further. According to, bargain-hunting perspective Corvette owners have their pick of 183 new C7s in the $40,000s, including 7 separate examples under $45k! These are led by a Black 7-speed manual Coupe that Copeland Chevrolet in Brockton, MA currently has listed for just $42,208; even if you don’t qualify for all of the rebates that go into that price, it is an incredible deal! If you are interested in one of the other 182 C7s that can be had for V8 Camaro money, we suggest a trip to Florida as 75 of them are currently listed by a Bomnin dealership!

So far we have seen some extremely basic Corvettes; discerning customers will find even more lust-worthy discounted seventh-generation ‘Vettes as they continue.

2017 Corvette

Not all dealerships’ unsold inventory is made up entirely of 2019s. One of the best ways to get a great deal is to scavenge for leftover cars from prior model years. One of the best (oldest) examples is this 2017 Z51 that John Hiester Chevrolet in Fuquay-Varina, NC hasn’t been able to unload for more than two years! It is painted Corvette Racing Yellow, has the top -tier 3LT interior equipment package, an engaging (and now discontinued) manual transmission, yellow calipers, and matching yellow interior stitching. It is a very desirable spec with an original MSRP of $77,625. It is currently listed at $54,625, which leaves $23,000 in your pocket for other purposes!

2018 Corvette Carbon 65

Next we would like to point you in the direction of Sylvania, Ohio where Dave White Chevrolet has been holding on to a 2018 Grand Sport Carbon 65 Edition Coupe! This Ceramic Matrix Gray beauty hails from the year that saw Corvette production dip to its lowest number since 1959! Of those 9,686 units built for 2018, just 650 were Carbon 65 models, with Grand Sport Coupes making up just 262 of those. When you tally up everything on its window sticker, you will come up with $100,455 but, right now, it is listed on for the low-low price of $88,000! On top of everything included in the special edition package, this nets you the quick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission and J57 Ceramic Brakes on the C7 model that was almost universally chosen by reviewers as the sweet-spot in the lineup.

2019 Corvette Z06

If Special Editions aren’t your thing but you do want a Corvette that looks different from the others that you might see at Cars and Coffee, this next one is for you; it is a 2019 Z06 2LZ that can be had for $11,085 off of its $94,985 sticker at Jeff Schmidt Chevrolet South in Dayton, Ohio! It is Arctic White with Adrenaline Red Competition Sport seats and a 7-speed manual inside. What really sets it apart from though are its full-length red, white, and blue stripes; an option as attractive as it is rare. In total, these patriotic stripes were only applied to 27 Corvettes in the 2019 model year, this is one of just five total Z06s to have them.

2019 Corvette Z06

If you are looking for something more mainstream, call our guy, Mike Furman at Criswell of Gaithersburg, MD (really, you should call him for any of your Corvette needs!). He has ‘Vettes of most shades ready for delivery but the one that we are most drooling over is this 1LZ Z06 in the most popular C7 shade of Arctic White with the must-have carbon fiber ground effects, a manual transmission, and a price of just $77,087 ($10,512 off sticker), for a 650 HP monster!

2019 Corvette Grand Sport

Folks who would rather stick with a naturally aspirated V8 need to get into that (upstate) New York state of mind. A rare “reverse” Grand Sport is up for grabs from our friends at Van Bortel Chevrolet. The “reverse” GS takes the classic Blue and white striped look popularized by the 1996 models (with inspiration from 1963 GS #003) and flips the script. The mohawk stripe is now blue over a white body; all that remains the same is the red hash marks on the fender which perfectly accent the calipers. It really is a stunning look that is sure to make its owners very happy (especially when they realize that they can get this beauty for more than $11k off)!

2019 Corvette Grand Sport

People who are trying to find most options to survey really need to look in one of two places. The first is MacMulkin Chevrolet in Nashua, NH. They have an astonishing 357 (that isn’t a typo!) new 2019 Corvettes in stock, all with heavy discounts! If you are one of those who fill up our comments sections every day with wishes of chrome wheeled mid-engine ‘Vettes, take a look at all of the bright-wheeled C7s on their website! They really have something for everyone.

Corvettes for sale at

The crazy thing is that they are the second biggest Corvette dealership in the world with 621 sold last calendar year. The top dealership is Kerbeck Chevrolet who delivered 882 dream machines in 2018! Not only does Kerbeck have a incredible collection for you to check out while you are there, it is the next best thing to doing R8C Museum Delivery!

Grabbing a steal of a C7 is obviously a prevalent thought in the minds of the Corvette faithful, just one day after getting the green light on this story idea from Keith, this thread popped up on our favorite mid-engine Corvette Forum. We say go ahead and pull the trigger on a highly discounted seventh-generation car to enjoy while you figure out which C8 you really want. In the long run some of them might actually be the cooler, more desirable vehicles when compared to a base 2020.

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  1. People no matter how rich or not you are DO NOT pay over list for any car! Any dealer that will sell for over list should be boycotted and spread all over social media!

  2. In July of 2018 I purchased a nicely optioned 2017 Z51 7 speed, MSRP of $70,680 for $20,000 off. It’s really hard to argue the value of a deal like that. The reality is, it’s what finally got me in the drivers seat of a Vette at 58 yrs old.

  3. For those of us who have been looking at Corvettes for years, the pricing remains normal. It has not changed which is more disconcerting. The fact that you are clearly out of touch with Corvettes shows in your shallow opinions. Over the past few years the C7 consistently sold, for about $44k. Kerbeck the worlds largest always had Corvettes listed that low. Furthermore, at end of year, the Z06 always sold for $72 to $74. Pretty solid for a 1LE. Glad your finally catching up, not impressive journalism.

  4. Too many exclamation points make this article appear less professional/informative and more like a pop tabloid.

  5. I just received delivery of my 2019 Sebring Orange Stingray 2LT from MacMulkin Chevrolet in Nashua, NH, saving about $11K, after delivery to my home in southern Utah. They also had many Grand Sports with $14K discounts! Being 2,400 miles away scared me a bit, but the dealership made the process painless and was extremely helpful, from the sales manager to the financing department. Highly recommend them for anyone looking for a great deal on a 2019 Corvette.

  6. @James
    I am on, Autotrader, and eBay Motors multiple times a day. This post obviously wasn’t for you but a lot of people don’t follow the market like we do; they are the target audience here.

    You’re completely right, a bunch of periods would suffice when this kind of money is on the line!

  7. The factory should help dealers move any car any unit any trim that’s been sitting more than a year. But they don’t . Not just Vettes . Camaro as well. Want to move them? Half price. Period.

  8. Recently bought a C7 at Kerbeck and drove in home to Memphis. The only place I have seen more new Corvettes was at the factory! Very pleased with the car and with Kerbeck! I bought it for $7,000 less than I could in Memphis for identical car.

  9. At age 54 , I finally bought my dream car. Bought my 2019 grand sport 2LT for $18,000 off sticker price.

  10. And how many Vettes have ever owned little fella! So sick and tired off little millennials like you making snivel little childish remarks!

  11. My first Vette was a 1974 Corvette Orange Stingray Coupe, 2nd was a White 1992 ZR1, 3rd was a Velocity Yellow 2007 Coupe, 4th a Watkins Glen Gray 2017 Stingray and now a Sebring Orange 2019 Grand Sport, this is the BEST ! and a keeper.

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