GM Strike Hits the 2020 Corvette as the First Week of Production is Pushed Back to Mid-January


GM Strike Hits the 2020 Corvette as the First Week of Production is Pushed Back to Mid-January

Over the weekend we started hearing some whispers about the start of the 2020 Corvette production being shifted to early 2020 due to the GM strike. While no official statement has been released, Corvette enthusiasts with TPWs (Target Production Week) started receiving updates showing their orders were pushed back.

Here’s what our friends at the MidEngineCorvetteForum are saying on this:

Information given by Chevy Chat to a person whose car had/has an EXTREMELY low VIN, that customer being told by Chat today that his TPW, which was originally confirmed for December 2nd production (an order with no complicating issues such as requested changes, no constraints affecting it, etc), now has a January 20th TPW.

Additionally, by seeing many additional posts by those whose orders were scattered for the TPW weeks of December 2nd, December 9th, December 16th, January 6th, and January 13th, all who have reported back, have also not provided us a single TPW earlier than January 20th.

With this being Week Five of the UAW strike, we are seeing the new TPWs from December 2nd being pushed back seven weeks, which also accounts for the annual two-week Christmas/New Years vacation.

Before the Bowling Green Assembly Plant can start production of the 2020 Corvette Stingrays, they still have to build about 600 additional C7 Corvettes first before shutting down the plant for retooling.

Unfortunately, there is no good news coming out of the strike negotiations from what we have been able to follow, so we may be looking at further delays should the strike continue.


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  1. We saw a bunch of them across the street from NCM this weekend. I hope all this can get worked out in time for the holidays.

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